As Days Grow Old

The face of knowledge
Voice of wit
Life of charm
Through conscious writ
Once ubiquitously owned
Wanes as each new day grows old.

Of repartee
once so quick
Minds once sharp
lose their grip
All this evidence has shown
Yet naught we do can stay the flow.

Intellect no
longer fits
inside– an ever-
present rift
grows where knowledge once was sown
as battles of the mind have slowed.

Desperate efforts
still resist
Times’ relentless
cruel tactics
besieging stores of what is known-
Waning as the days grow old.

Sharp tête-à-tête,
youthful quips,
Minds’ insatiate
parched lips:
That deeper than flesh and bone
ever wanes as days grow old.

With reluctance
All submit
Might subdued
beneath deaths fist.
Life wilting like Springs plucked rose;
Waning as the days grow old.


A Legend of Elakaar

A world once built on legends skewed
Guarding secrets cut and hewn
Into the granite walls of time
Are those whose wonder is sublime.
– – – – –
– – – – –
While every notion of their passing leaves the onlookers in shame
Still falling tokens everlasting pave a melancholic way.
But time wears down the harshest stone– night will turn to day.
Those lives who wonder; those who roam– at last receive their pay.

All We Are

Come share a moment of your time, for time is all we have.

Your wealth, your privilege, status symbols end and never last.

Though time, some say, will end soon too, without it all we are:

Our hearts not beating, life unmoving, emotionlessly scarred.

Remove all other vestiges, all remnants leave behind,

Then try to tell me who you are without this gift of time.

When last you’ve reached the reckoning of my somber request

Submit your answer don’t hold back, all this at my behest

And truth you may ignore desires, either one or twain

But in so doing you have given answer all the same.


Shadow of My Mind

I see a shadow dancing in the corner of my mind

Its form so free, romancing, moving fluidly in time.

It whispers tales of lovely things while spinning webs of lies

Taunting, flirting, telling me to give away my life.

I shift my focus for awhile seeking to undermine

This shadow’s beauty, still romancing, dancing in my mind

But all the while these alluring thoughts weigh deep inside

Haunting even sleeplessness as if they owned the night.

I hear enchanted music drift so sweetly through that I’m

Want to near the shadow that’s been hidden in plain sight.

This shadow dancing, still romancing, ever in my mind.

Sands of Time

If only time could once reveal

The secret means of hurt to heal

Then life would not lose its appeal

And hearts would hold to truths revealed.

For once forgotten love is lost

And those downtrodden pay the cost

When bitterness within their souls

Swells and breaks feeble strongholds

Built upon the sands of time

Guarding secrets none can find.

The Hourglass

Time claims many victims too few of which are seen
For none can name the exact time when youth finally flees
And leave the young men old and weary burdened by the sting
That they’ve been robbed of all those years they tossed frivolously

The hourglass of youth once full will stand alone empty
For none on earth could muster strength enough to turn its stream
And gathered cold the sand becomes a dreadful sight to see
Upon the ground of that which promised youth eternally

But the lie that Time will tell lures seductively
Those who wish to stay forever young and wild and free
Telling tales of youth and beauty for eternity
But in the end stabs in the back those fools who will believe

For many men now old and weary of this truth perceived
But cared not for the hourglass which trickled constantly
And mourn now all the years they’ve lost to Time’s harsh honesty
Slowly dying examples of cruel reality