Morning Grace

See how at last the morning sun breaks through above the plains

Shining in it’s glory conquering the nighttime’s gains.

The eerie glow of moonlight has turned back and hides it’s face

While darkness once triumphant now retreats to coming day.

The wind is whispering afresh a promise once again

While swaying to unspoken rhythms trees echo the same:

We all know that the night is long and day seems far away

While falling prey to fantasies we fear it will not change

But every morning as the birds lift up a song in praise

And clouds reflect the light of stars millennia away

We understand the grace that promises each brand new day

Will last until the King of Kings commands the stars to rain.

So close your eyes and breath it in embrace the starlit gaze

Lift up your voice with nature’s chorus; sing a new refrain!

The chaos of the world may spin in never ending games

But see the ocean, smell a rose, we need not live in chains.


Calling Your Name

Show me the heart that is hurting

And bring to me all those in pain

For there is a promise assuring

That life need not always remain

In cycles of sin and despairing

In tears at the depth of your shame

But rather there’s hope for the morning,

In Grace that is falling like rain.

Tell me the sorrows you’re keeping

The deeds that you’ve hidden away

Give me your burdens unsparing

It matters not how much they weigh

For my arms will comfort your weeping

I’ll stand in the breach with my strength

I’ll lend you an ear when you’re speaking

And hold you when fear calls your name.

So show me the heart that is hurting

And bring to me all those in pain

For my love’s a fire still burning

And my love is calling your name.

Song of Christmas

Singers, and poets, minstrel’s and friends

Composing those choruses loved by all men

Lift up your voices and sing once again

For Jesus our Savior born in Bethlehem.

For songs by the thousands could never express

The gratitude felt by those heavenly blessed

For ‘way in a manger with straw for a throne

The God of the Universe makes His abode.


Oh the soul’s long self-dismay

From the guilt and bitter shame

With lifted eyes toward the cross

And to Him who paid the cost

Feel forgiveness by the name

Jesus Christ the Lord has saved

And redeemed you from your chains

Lifted dead men from their graves-

So rest eternal in His care

Grace unmerited is there.

Awesome, mighty, just and kind

King of Kings, God of my life.


Ah fearful vengeance hasting toward this mortal soul
thrusting heinous worries forward as if silent deadly swords
except me from, I ask of thee, that long awaited fate
deny me not my last request before it is too late.

Those nobles’ visage on display in purple splendor be
naught but remnants of the life once evidenced in me
alas though as a fearful terror of night brought into day
they in becoming what I’ve not now mock me in disdain

So cast me out upon the seas of dark and deadly waves
leave my soul to wander lest I plague those who’ll remain
Scorn my presence from afar, denounce me while I roam
Forms and figures once called friends set watch over your homes

This last identity I find remorsefully inside
for twas the one which I had fought until it snared my life
I’d ask for your forgiveness as the storms come rolling in
but diseases from such noxious traits deserve the end their given

So as this guilty sinner spreads his thoughts upon the seas
I know that there is nothing more that men can do for me.
Fearful vengeance swift and true make haste to find your mark
allow me to abide no more with black and calloused heart.

Vindicate the world which has so long held scorn for me
and curse me with the plagues which fester in visceral fury
Curse the heart which curses God and punish what remains
for life’s existence bodes eternal evidence of shame.

And as these words escape my soul in ranks upon the page
I now attempt to stay their flow lest secrets held escape
diligent reader ascertain the fiction and the prose
And through the light of truth discern what iron pen composed

End this abhorred nightmare bliss of eloquence disclosed.