Musings Past, Musings Sure

I’ll try to state this simple, clear
Try to pull away from fears
Try to help you see the scars
Try to reveal broken hearts

I’ll try once more to let you see
Try to rip these cords binding
Try to help you understand
That the souls of lesser men

Break upon the notion of the love they never shared
Traced upon the backs of those without who seldom dare
Revealing what was lost before to time’s harshest embrace
Endearing to those visible but lost without a trace.

See what musings on display reveal of hearts in need
Swept away as clouds and storms revel in past decrees
Heavy souls return again to those unbeaten strains
Forsaken places bent upon the glory of lost days.

Apologies yet in queue for thoughts masked once again
Unveiled within an intellect that spins webs of disdain
Concerning repercussions, honesty makes haste once more
Thoughtless moments grant a view to parts unseen before.

Thus musings of my mind concluded turn back to your gaze–
Seeking to discern the mind of him so unengaged
Perchance one day the mysteries so often held will yield
Giving place to passion tendered in a cloistered shell

But still as words long winded have escaped upon the page
The concept of their clarity remains a mystery.
So beg of scholars, ask the sage, demand an answer stored
Within the halls of histories and tenants of the void.

Unspoken thoughts will yet retain their firm provoking air
But mellowed by those still born passions fervently declared
Regardless as the closing of my cognition appears
Forgive the one who hides behind the words unwritten here.


a devils game

To everyone watching her plight
It seemed she fell away
Buried herself deep inside
And hid from everything.
But they could not witness the fight
Within her soul that raged:
He’d crept, a thief, into her life
And left there scars and shame.

The one trusted to hold her tight
And guard her with his strength
Had cloaked his poison in disguise
Until it was too late.
At last intentions brought to light
Revealed the brutal gaze–
But after she had given life
And suffered in his flame.

While to those ones whose watchful sight
Believed she’d fell away–
Hidden behind her languid eyes
Is a torturous pain.
Thus do not judge her silent plight
For she herself has gained
A judgement so determined by
A devil and his games.


What more is left to say?

I’ve heard it all before.

Every heartfelt phrase

Asking, begging more.

Every turning page

And every closing door

Fell curtains to the stage

Throw dust upon the floor.

We love the spilling waves

When life’s on pleasant shores

Until the winds of change

Usher in the storms.

So tell me what to say

Don’t leave me bruised and worn.

I cannot loose the chains

That bind my broken form.

Who We Once Knew

I hope that you realize ‘fore you leap from the ground

How swift you’ll lose sight of those gathered around

Watching and cheering you up on your way

Shouting encouraging words every day.

For often no sooner than wings bend in flight

Than thoughts of the ground become lost in the heights.

So be still for a moment and don’t make a sound

Look on what you’ve known while it’s still around.

For we know tomorrow you will go away

But come share in laughter and joy for today.

For when the wind whips through the beating wings might

Sending you swiftly away through the night

We’ll look back in fondness at who we once knew

‘fore life like a strong southern wind billowed through.

My Folly

You thought I cried for you when my eyes closed from the tears
And laughing you found someone new- I could never keep you here.

But in reality- I thought that you should know
those tears I cried were meant for me- I cry them all alone

For I knew in my heart somehow that you would never stay
but still I fooled myself to think that I could find a way

But in that laughing moment as I watched you walk away
Those tears were o’er my folly letting you my heart invade.