Nothing at All

You do not know how much you hurt me,
not with knives or words
But with trenchant medieval tool
you caused my heart to burn.
For after you had heard my call
then you said nothing… nothing at all.


Come Home

The man at the counter stoic still
Few words spoken, fewer still
His heart heavy by stinging scars
Carved into his weary heart

The mass around him filled with glee
Laugh and dance so merrily
But in his world of cold disdain
None will ask from whence he came

So one last sip and out the door
Disappear at last before
They recognize he’s so alone
For no one cares if he comes home.


I saw a broken soul

Yearning to be whole

While by his side there stood a fool

Who wished to be annulled.

I witnessed grace unmerited

Life and love the benefits

And also sins dark heritage

While critics shouted rhetoric

I’ve seen more than I asked to see

I’ve lived more than I wished to live

I’ve been more than I wished to be

I’ve lost more than I thought to give.


Can you see her coming from somewhere far up ahead?
Or are the winds of change still taking her away instead?
It’s been so long since I first felt that fire burn inside
I wonder if it’s not the time to just give up the fight.

Don’t intrude upon my thoughts with bitter questionings
for this is nothing but my minds own soulful reckoning.
I will in time settle accounts and ascertain the balance
but know that deep within my thoughts I have drunk the chalice*.

* The Poisoned Chalice (‘Macbeth’ Act 1, Scene 7 – William Shakespeare)

A Tragic Tale

She cried for her brother
as he journeyed beyond
the peaks of the mountains
in search of a song

She asked of her mother
if it would be long
before the night tempest
turned into the dawn

She begged of her father
“Oh, let me I pray
venture out searching
I’ll find my own way.”

She called for her lover
“Come take me away
for I’ve lost the reasons
that force me to stay.”

She fled to the city
such exciting sights
no thoughts of the future
she lived for the night

Until came a moment
when dark pleasures bite
demanded a payment
in exchange for a life.

She turned to a bottle
so no one would hear
the sounds of her crying
her shedding of tears

She thought of the Preacher
after many years
and hope of procuring
a peace from her fears.

But instead she took potions
and pills of a kind
that take away notions
and thoughts about time.

And wasted and ravished
frightened and alone
she fell to sins cycle
hopeless and unknown.

Hope in Despair

I’ve seen so many tragic things
broken hearts filled up with pain
power used but to destroy
stifling the hope of joy.

Sick and dying children lain
upon their beds while mothers slave
to offer but a piece of bread
giving what she never had.

I’ve heard the sounds of fear and dread
the cries of those who’ve fought and bled
for nothing but to have a home
some small place to call their own.

If only men could understand
what miracle’s held in their hand
what precious gift of life they bear
yet all I see around’s despair.

So out into the void I call
to everyone both great and small-
Don’t be so blinded by your greed
that you cannot see those who grieve.

Forget your trivialities
look around at those in need
reach out an open hand to share
and show the world how much you care.