What is it Here?

What is it that you’re searching for that brings you here today?

What is it that you cannot find by some other old way?

What is it here that you desire beyond the masquerade?

What is it here that beckons you to play this twisted game?

What is it here that broke open old wounds again displayed?

What is it here that begged attendance of your heart today?

What is it here you’re searching for behind your placid claim?

What is it here you’re searching for beyond what here is named


Chain of Thought

So many times in words unspoken

Thoughts of love or hate unfocused;

Disallowed into the world

Shut out by a voice unheard–

These are such that cause the pain

In our hearts when we disdain

The notions that have held them there

As if their silence we all hear.

– – – – –

Thus if when words unspoken strive

To relieve the heart and mind

Fail in efforts to sustain

That which spawned their form and grace

Bitterness becomes the price

Oft encased in forms of pride

Lost to those who fail to see

Behind the curtained stage and scene.

– – – – –

Witness how words written as these

Can reveal what is unseen

While at the same time cast the shade

That will disguise what truth remains.

For scholars, sages, wizards– none

Can decipher cryptic sums

When the numbers given up

Are encrypted, cast, and shunned.

– – – – –

Alas now even efforts here

To be frank and to be clear

Have all fallen on deaf ears

For the world is cursed and fears

Honesty and innocence

Will reveal what hearts have missed

Giving chance for foes to chain

Life to whims of thoughts again.


Thus in the beginning,
Though hearts without end
Begged of their future
To offer amends,
There was no returning
To life’s former trends
And last in the earning
Of recompense sent
Those methods of facing
Token bitter ends
Left hearts full but breaking–
Unamitous* men.

* As apparently there is no such word in the English language to describe the above mentioned state of being as pertaining to individuals, I have taken it upon myself to ignore protocol and coin my own word. While I understand this may invite a higher level of scrutiny, it is a risk I am willing take in the interest of literary accuracy. If any of my readers can provide me with an equally appropriate word that may currently be found in the English language, the existence of which somehow I have missed, please make this pedantic author aware! I will unpretentiously correct myself…

But regardless as always, thank you for reading.

~Edward Landers

Unamitous (un•am•i•tus) – adjective

The state or habit of disinterest in amicable relationships.
(Synonyms) Disinterested. Sociopathic. Unamicable.

Above the Noise

I fear I must at least offer a semblance of introduction to the following poem as it’s content is quite easily included in my ‘musings’ category provided studied attention is paid and if you follow carefully you will find cohesive thought and preponderance such as is representative of those former entities. However do not hasten past last you miss the subtleties of ideas and cognition. Regardless of your method of attention, thank you for reading.


~Perhaps a Musing~

Above the Noise

Some words unspoken from the heart

In rote indifference tear apart

Years from youth as choicest gains

Claim their place in form of chains.

Question what words such as these

Will long mean when conscious clings

To its feebleminded thread

Boasting intellect again.

All the while simple men

Follow hearts to impure ends

Conscience seared with brazen tool

Minds unwitting play the fool.

Ask of destiny your place,

Tell the fates how you’ll escape.

Shout your dreams without remorse

False endeavors plead recourse.

But you’ve no place in legends culled

From the histories of old.

Time has held captive your place

Within a landscape bleak untraced

Forging on anvils of chance

Fortune, fame, and oft romance

But to those held in low degree

Such as you, and such as me

History denies our pleas.

As if it’s scholars earn a fee

And demand recompense for deeds

Occurring far from fates decree

And uttered in unknown degrees.

Echoes of words left unsaid

Saddest end to saddest men.

Leave off your questioning of words

As they’ve no heart for all are cursed

Lost like signals to the void

Never heard above the noise.

Yet Another… Midnight Musing

It’s an odd state of mind within which I find myself tonight. As I lay supine on my bed reflecting upon the days transpirations while thoughts of life, love, meaning and purpose deftly tug and recede from my consciousness. Thus once again, from this idle mind’s ramblings over mountainous or tranquil expanses of thought, I invite you dear reader to my humble place of thoughtful midnight musings… Wherever this adventure may take us, I hope you enjoy.

~ E.L ~

For a seed of wonder and of doubt all at once has overgrown

And sudden I’m convinced to ponder all I’ve ever known.

What some might label childish or imbecility

Somehow has struck a chord within I find astonishing.

Have somehow mysteries yet spurned regained their conquered ground?

Have I relapsed so far apace that love will bring me down?

Thoughts of this light serve no purpose to embattled souls

As warriors we stand aloof from high and lofty goals.

Give place to innocence and meek, stand fast against the strain

Of evil seeking entrance in to plunder and to maim.

But ever guard that most precious entity of will

And soul and mind entwined in one- emotions there as well

But now at last witness the change as this one form appears

How have you fared so long yet still you cower back in fear?

Words once spoken out in haste and then so thoughtlessly

Now seem insignificant and beg higher degrees

But all intelligence combined of scholars or of sage

Would yet lack evidence enough for my fears to assuage

Enough of midnight ponderings lest words long winded be

Naught but evidence of life that still exists in me.

Goodnight to those who’ve tarried long and suffered through this page

Of thoughtful musings from a mind whose heart’s become engaged

To mysteries unspeakable before a certain day

When I crashed into one who seems at last to know my name


Calculated Fascination

There are times on my blog that I take the liberty of posting what would appear nonsense to some… This is probably one of those times. The following poem was an exercise in ‘wordsmithing” (which exists only controversially as a word,) as I set about to record (as the title states) a “Calculated Fascination” of a certain… something. As I mentioned in my last post sometimes I leave the meaning behind my work a mystery to the reader. So consider this to be intentionally something of a riddle. There IS a logical “object of my fascination” but unless one my readers can suggest it I will not give away the “subject of my declaration”.

With that said if you can follow my highly superfluous verbosity- Please enjoy my poem.

~ Calculated Fascination ~

Thus begins my calculation
Of a certain fascination
And though the interpretation
Of my verbose declaration
May be flawed it’s all that I can do.

The source of my fascination
(Subject of my declaration)
Demands of me to be patient
Almost begging hesitation
For this poem is directed upon you.

Reticence my explanation
Requires no exposition
For this source of fascination
Resides in a higher station
Then I ever hope to be attuned.

Ah! This weary calculation
Spouts nonsensical creations
Of my mind whose permutations
Exposes very foundations
Of these thoughts and dreams you never knew.

These lines beg not participation
(Complex rhymes of declaration)
Seen constant as an apparition
In my mind- a haunting fashion
Daily like a flower always blooms.

Regardless of my fascination
Ironic is my calculation
For in truth our separation
Lives for lack of inspiration
On the part of me who had to choose.

And now those minds studied attention,
(you reading with acute perception)
Hold understandable perplexion
By reason of my declaration
Desist from fearful apprehensions
For she, herself, knows not if it is true.