At last we see the end appearing

The chasm all but gone.

I to the other side am nearing

My journey soon is done.

Don’t cry for me when last the light

Has faded and moved on

For if beginnings had no end

The fight would be for naught.


Never to be Named

Have you ever pondered or considered what comes after? What the purpose of all this is? Now before you read further I must hasten to mention that this poem I now submit to you, dear reader, does not stem from a mind lacking an answer to these initial questions. But rather is the product of workings my mind has constructed as it deals with the notion of interpersonal actions, reactions, relationships, emotional attachment, and the overarching reality of existence.

We meet people–We say hello, we say goodbye–some precious few have their names remembered by even precious less others. While the majority of the world goes on in their vacuous existence seemingly oblivious to everyone else. Why do we choose some people are worth our time and others are merely a nuisance? Admittedly characteristics displayed upon first encounters and personality differences could likely attribute a plethora of reasons. Nevertheless, is there not something more? Is it not possible that providence is moving and guiding the motions of this world through the very entity we turn to for our decisions–emotion? For who among us has ever really considered the very concept of ‘dislike’. Yes we all have felt it–likely even to the point of disgust–but why do we feel such things? Why would one person answer your call and the other not? Who determines the ‘charm’ of one over against another? For if the age old cliche be true–‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder’–then there is no standard to measure but the subjectivity of our own personal tastes. And so I ask again to what end? For what purpose?

But I fear I must digress lest I manage to induce boredom in the solitary individual who has succeeded in reading this post up to this point. If that is you, I thank you for your attention. For you undoubtedly have a scholarly mind else my verbosity and tedious ponderings had turned you away at a much earlier date. If you have any thoughts on these matters to share I welcome the discussion else I leave you here.


Therefore without further ado I give you my latest poem:

~ Never to be Named ~

As the days and months of winter hide the promise of the sun

And the fires glowing embers are all dying as if shunned

While leaves have all abondoned life to die beneath the feet

Of those who’ve born the harsh environment and travelled free,

The barren landscape stands amid the memories long gone

Of old forsaken hopes and dreams from those who have passed on.

And here I stand alone, forgotten staring at the planes

Pondering the reason for those lying here unnamed.

But then I look and understand that there’s a place for me

Assembled by the path I’ve chosen–never to be freed.

And when I enter chains will rattle and the door will close

My thoughts and life will vanish and so soon become as those

Upon whose memory I ponder staring at the planes

Of winter’s long vacuity– never to be named.


Walk with me through fields of flowers–

Tell me of your travels dear

-and do not mind the hours.

I’ll listen closely if you’ll share the treasures you have gained

Fear not for I’m not unaware of scars from battles waged.

Take my hand and hold me close don’t tell me you must go

Let us rest a moment here in this quiet alcove.

Tell me that you love me still though I already know

Comfort, laugh, and cry with me. We need not be alone

Sit beside me for awhile let the world spin on

For these moments soon will turn to memories when we’re gone.

Love me truly, love me dear, don’t ever let me go.

Shelter me, and care for me. Your heart is my love’s home.


What more is left to say?

I’ve heard it all before.

Every heartfelt phrase

Asking, begging more.

Every turning page

And every closing door

Fell curtains to the stage

Throw dust upon the floor.

We love the spilling waves

When life’s on pleasant shores

Until the winds of change

Usher in the storms.

So tell me what to say

Don’t leave me bruised and worn.

I cannot loose the chains

That bind my broken form.


I just wanted you to know that’s it’s alright my Love

I will disappear without a fight tonight my Love

I may be called insane or crazy telling you goodbye

But in my heart I understand that I, not you, should cry

So live as long as you must live in freedom from my love

No longer will I darken pages with my hopes for love

You have your wish I will no more be in pursuit of love

From your heart hidden behind walls impregnable to love.