Four walls linked side-by-side
Shadowed by a tower high
Guards keeping freedom at bay
-Prisoners mourn their days

Life shut in by gates and chains
Hope kept out, though guilt remains
Choices made, and errors wrought
Serve as evidence forgot

By those who take residence here
For they remind only of years
That are to be repaid behind
These walls removed only by flight

A somber reminder to be grateful for the freedom we have on this Independence Day.
– E.L


A New Adventure

To everyone that is currently following my blog I owe a tremendous thank you. I really appreciate your encouragement to continue this venture and if it weren’t for you I wouldn’t be doing this. So thank you a thousand times over.

As you may not be aware I also have a fancy for photography. Not that I claim to be any good at it but I feel that with practice, as with anything, I will learn. With that said I am introducing my new Instagram account @edwardlandersphoto. If you have a chance and if you like what you see please give a follow in support. I’ll also be occasionally posting some snippets of my poetry so it will serve a double purpose.

Thank you all so much!
Edward Landersimg_0257