The icy snow and windswept streets

Evince a sightless, soundless scene

As memories so long forgot

Are brought to mind while footsteps trod

Along the landscapes once well known

From prior years lost long ago.

The neon lights tempt lonely hearts

Swift escapes from swift departs.

Cafes tout melancholy wares

As music wafts out in the air.

Thoughts of what was lost return

As forbidden years of mirth.

And through the windswept weary streets

The footsteps echo and retreat

As memories of all long lost

Return again to give hearts pause.



Rise up, my love, rise up

Don’t tarry for so long

Lift up your tired eyes, my love,

Forget all of past wrongs.

Let darkness flee from ‘tween your eyes;

Let life and hope again so shine.

Rise up, my live, again rise up

Don’t say you’re out of love.


Well once again I find myself using a word that does not exist in the English language. “Veritous” does not belong in the chronicles of semantic history nor in the writings of a literate poet. The reality of the words meaning, however, dissuades me from conforming to normalities but rather enables me you to acknowledge the fact that a single entity’s known existence need not necessarily denote that same intrinsic reality of existence.

In the following poem I make use of the word “veritous”.

The context will speak well enough to its meaning, granting a completion of expression, however it would behoove me to fail to indicate the reality that the word used is not in actuality acceptable by literate men.

Once again, regardless, I choose literary honesty over propriety, and I give you:


Innocence behind his broken expression

Held so disguised by life’s bitter lessons

And while darkened eyes reveal the deception

Spoken with lies by hearts true intentions

The truth of what lies beyond the selection

Of what will be answered of all that is questioned

Revealed in the mind by thoughts whose inception

Will give place to pride or honest intention

Offered as prize by veritous mention

Grounded in lives of questioned conception.

True Colors

Thus at last true colors shine through

The plagues of past remorse now proved

You’ve fallen crass while words you knew

Fade out en masse unknown to you.

– – – – –

Countless the casualties of war

Boundless the wonder we restore

To hearts unworthy of what’s pure

The bounty of those conflicts borne.

– – – – –

When choices made reflect the truth

So many closing doors of youth

Will grant options restored from dues

Unpaid, unwanted, all recused.

– – – – –

Thus at last as colors proved true

Return loves past to hearts anew

You’ve lost, though cast, your words en queues

Replaced by shafts of light in truth.

Solemn Warning

I cannot answer what I see-

Broken hearts and broken dreams

Ever held in memories

As repeating melodies.

Notes of sadness all unseen

Playing, playing, constantly;

Cycling in an endless dream.

Never ending tragedies.

– – – – – –

Time eternal can’t restrain

All the wealth and depth of pain

Freely loosed without constraint

Ever constant burning flames.

While to minds of men in shame

Falling short again, again

Wells endless seem to remain

Filling when they fall dismayed.

– – – – – –

Ah to those who pure of heart

Have not yet fallen apart

Now take heed and never start

Down the path of darkened hearts!

You’ve not yet known just how far

Falls the chasm, nor the scars.

Leave off wondering the part

Of all those with blackened hearts.

– – – – – –

Heed this warning that I speak

Flee! Oh, flee from evil deeds.

My Folly

You thought I cried for you when my eyes closed from the tears
And laughing you found someone new- I could never keep you here.

But in reality- I thought that you should know
those tears I cried were meant for me- I cry them all alone

For I knew in my heart somehow that you would never stay
but still I fooled myself to think that I could find a way

But in that laughing moment as I watched you walk away
Those tears were o’er my folly letting you my heart invade.