This is Where

This is where I leave you

As everything will change

This is how we will undo

All of what remains.

This is where I leave you

This is what you wished

Forget what we once asked to do

Forget forgotten lists.

This is where I leave you

Walk onward out the door

This is where I leave you

As you knew once before.

Now is when the winds of change

Press outward bursting seams

As the light within recedes

Like all forgotten dreams

Stretching, breaking at the core

Hoping for what can’t be

As this is where I leave you

This is our broken dream.


Solemn Warning

I cannot answer what I see-

Broken hearts and broken dreams

Ever held in memories

As repeating melodies.

Notes of sadness all unseen

Playing, playing, constantly;

Cycling in an endless dream.

Never ending tragedies.

– – – – – –

Time eternal can’t restrain

All the wealth and depth of pain

Freely loosed without constraint

Ever constant burning flames.

While to minds of men in shame

Falling short again, again

Wells endless seem to remain

Filling when they fall dismayed.

– – – – – –

Ah to those who pure of heart

Have not yet fallen apart

Now take heed and never start

Down the path of darkened hearts!

You’ve not yet known just how far

Falls the chasm, nor the scars.

Leave off wondering the part

Of all those with blackened hearts.

– – – – – –

Heed this warning that I speak

Flee! Oh, flee from evil deeds.

Calling Your Name

Show me the heart that is hurting

And bring to me all those in pain

For there is a promise assuring

That life need not always remain

In cycles of sin and despairing

In tears at the depth of your shame

But rather there’s hope for the morning,

In Grace that is falling like rain.

Tell me the sorrows you’re keeping

The deeds that you’ve hidden away

Give me your burdens unsparing

It matters not how much they weigh

For my arms will comfort your weeping

I’ll stand in the breach with my strength

I’ll lend you an ear when you’re speaking

And hold you when fear calls your name.

So show me the heart that is hurting

And bring to me all those in pain

For my love’s a fire still burning

And my love is calling your name.


In streams flowing from broken hearts

Bridging worlds once set apart

Of heartfelt minds to nature’s rain

Thoughts on life seeking escape.

They scarce are bidden yet still come

Present as the morning sun

Or dew upon the watered fields

When morning, night, at last reveals.

And in subsequent disdain

They are discarded away

But not before the pain that caused

Them to appear has turned and tossed

Through sleepless nights and weary days

Increased as light ‘neath eyes gives way

To stains from hurts that darken still-

Painfully burns and breaks the will.

Separated soul and flesh

What’s inside is all that’s left.

For teardrops never give but take

While hurt is all ever remains.

Sands of Time

If only time could once reveal

The secret means of hurt to heal

Then life would not lose its appeal

And hearts would hold to truths revealed.

For once forgotten love is lost

And those downtrodden pay the cost

When bitterness within their souls

Swells and breaks feeble strongholds

Built upon the sands of time

Guarding secrets none can find.

A Tragic Tale

She cried for her brother
as he journeyed beyond
the peaks of the mountains
in search of a song

She asked of her mother
if it would be long
before the night tempest
turned into the dawn

She begged of her father
“Oh, let me I pray
venture out searching
I’ll find my own way.”

She called for her lover
“Come take me away
for I’ve lost the reasons
that force me to stay.”

She fled to the city
such exciting sights
no thoughts of the future
she lived for the night

Until came a moment
when dark pleasures bite
demanded a payment
in exchange for a life.

She turned to a bottle
so no one would hear
the sounds of her crying
her shedding of tears

She thought of the Preacher
after many years
and hope of procuring
a peace from her fears.

But instead she took potions
and pills of a kind
that take away notions
and thoughts about time.

And wasted and ravished
frightened and alone
she fell to sins cycle
hopeless and unknown.

Wisdoms Requiem

Across this wounded, dying land
cries of fear and hurt at hand.
I fear I cannot venture hence-
Time is gone for repentance.

Let me stay here out of sight
if not always- then tonight.
Tell me not that I must leave
lest I pull back into the deep
and vast forgotten depths unknown
residing there until we’ve grown
cold and gray with hope all gone
ravaged till we are undone.

No, tell me not to leave I pray
for you cannot, will not persuade
me to forsake my destiny
which with my soul I have decreed
to stay and hold my place until
the last of human blood’s been spilled
and when the silenced cries of man
no longer spoils all the land
perhaps then I will venture forth
to see what has been left before
the clouds of darkness gather still
and bend before them every will.

Call me heartless, cold, and cruel
“For if you went then maybe fools
would heed the signs that wisdom gave
and repent them before the grave.”
But no I’ve seen it all before
they cannot see beyond the door
of what resides within their eyes
pleasure is their only prize.

So here I’ll lay me down in peace
I fear I’ve lost all heart to grieve.
I cannot change what they’ve become-
Hear this my final requiem.