In the Night

We did not think the Tempters words
were true when we complied
but after years of being spurned
by those embalmed in light
the ever-present off’ring
of the one who trades in lies
became a salve for suff’ring
when we fled into the night.

Do not believe we fail to grasp
this deadly game we play
and ’tis true that we never asked
for you to ease our pain.
But sometimes those whose torch burns fast
and yields the brightest flame
are those who live behind a mask
of bitterness and shame.

Don’t blame yourself for tragedy
happens to every life
but on occasion those like me
admit we’ve lost the fight.
The scales of justice have indeed
become a ghastly sight
but we all know it’s just the fee
for living in the night.


Empty Love

Looking for love in all the wrong places
Dancing through nights with nameless faces
Hoping for something more than what’s past
Maybe the next time true love will last.

But then comes the morning in cold emptiness
The night before but a bitter remembrance
True love is a myth or else just a dream
Hiding for years or so it would seem.

Then cyclical return of the bottle and more
Take two glasses, three- Then swallow before
the evening comes crashing down in a blaze
of passionate ecstacy- Everyone’s dazed

And as the night closes in on those lost
They deaden their minds to let hearts pay the cost
For while looking for love in all the wrong places
They spend their lives dancing with nameless faces.