Ready or Not

I stand at the ready
my hands firmly clenched
my knees slightly bent
as I take one last step
The moment is here
no more training can come
What’s been done in the past
will dictate the outcome



Watching and waiting with fervent gaze
eyes growing heavy but hearts are ablaze.

With cries of freedom and loyalty thrown
around with intention but many still frown.

Is there no courage at all to be found,
or have we agreed to lay and bow down.

Lost Love

As a ship sails across the sea
so has my love fled far from me
the oceans that swell within my heart
have broken it into so many parts.

Now tell me why my love went down
away from what we had?
Was I a trade for some underground,
dark, but handsome lad?

A lesson to you I’ll now impart-
(If you’ll only open up your heart)
Don’t even think the same as me
if your love’s fled across the sea

Pick up the shattered pieces
and set sail to set her free.