As the mist on the mirror slowly dissipates

The face that’s revealed is the one I most hate

So smash all the mirrors swift to the ground

Let this whole building come tumbling down

Then pull out a match and kindle a fire

Burn what remains let the flames climb higher

But leave me inside to share in its fate

So no one sees further the one I most hate.

This Bitter War

Hold fast and faint not- ever claim

The truth of those who walk by faith.

When hope has turned to something more

This life won’t hold me as before

Reclaim that veil which has been draped

Upon these eyes which walk by faith

And purify what still remains

Before their cause is lost and vain.

The bane of my existence lies

In dreams that curse with piercing eyes

But lift the light to guide the way

To all those lives who walk by faith

And I will see the vanity

Of dreams that shine but broken be.

Shattered, broken, gleaming light

Lifting dawn and breaking night!

To those recipients in line

Who walk by faith and not by sight

Hold fast, and yet hold faster till

The wrath of fury’s cup is filled!

Take heart, lift up those feeble hands

Shout out your voice to this dry land!

Remember why you are the called

Do not rebel lest then you fall!

Withdraw your gaze from Satan’s game

Lift up and fight! Fight in God’s name!

Vengeance! Vengeance! For those lost!

Those who’ll pay the final cost!

Bloodied from a billion blows

But sullied not by mortal foes!

Cry havoc! Havoc our bleeding cry

Twisted are truths we can’t deny!

Oh you who wander without aim

Join our cause and fight this plague

Which steals inside the souls of men

And buries them through endless  sin.

Oh you who care not for your life

Look to the cross and then ask why!

Life and love were sacrificed

And yet you wish to take your life.

Mortal man and demon same

Bow the knee and yield in shame

Before the might of who remains

after the earth’s engulfed in flames.

Awaken me from this dark night

Take my hand and lead my flight

Towards that peaceful distant shore

Where those who’ve battled long before

Now sit in rest and watch over

The rest who must still fight this war-

But not before I’ve filled my days

As one who fights and lives by faith.

Midnight Musing

We told the stories

Sang the songs

Built our lives on right not wrong

Stood for truth

Defended weak

Listened in when one would speak

Learned so much

But loved too little

Carved out names in stone and brittle

Laughed at death

And scoffed at pride

Simplicity we left behind

Opened doors we should have shut

Trampled paths we should have not

Lived our lives and forgot time

But in the end time claims our lives.

Hopes against the futures fears

Are built to stand the test of years

But those forgotten in the night

Stand condemning those of light.

Don’t regret it’s me you’ve known

Please don’t hate the way I’ve grown

Remember me from former years

When innocence imprisoned tears

When we move on the future’s still

Shining bright beyond that hill.

Don’t feel shame at what’s been done

Think of all the times we’ve won

Don’t lose sight of what is real

Convince me somehow I still feel

Lonely Heart

I know the reason that you came
But for that reason you won’t stay
For all the times you’ve left alone
Have made you think that’s how it goes.

You have a drink or maybe two
Then try not to get too confused-
“What is wrong with me?” You ask
“That no one can ever see past
The tears dancing behind my eyes?”
Scars revealing what’s inside.

No matter you won’t have to say
For once again you’ve gone your way
And of those reasons that you came
None of them will make you stay.

Memories and Moments

Except for those very rare instances (though commonly used but widely misunderstood) of ‘kindred spirits,’ we don’t miss actually miss anyone. Your friend from highschool, your old college roommate, that one girl you still wonder about… We don’t miss them. We miss what they represent to us.
We miss the time that we shared with them or the feeling we had when we were with them- the actual individual has little to nothing to do with our emotions. Another commonly used word-

Memory (ies): “An event or happening stored in our minds of events that have happened.” – Commonly understood definition.

But that is not what a memory is. A memory is a collection of moments brought together to form a mental picture in an individuals mind. The actual, or truthful, events that occurred may have absolutely nothing to do with the memory that is recalled. Hence the reason two people witnessing or experiencing the exact same event may have two polar opposite ideas of what happened. It’s not their memory- It’s how those moments formed together in their mind.

When someone says “I miss you” they are saying how they miss the emotional attachment they felt when they were with you. They were missing the moments of joy, pleasure, happiness, or any number of emotional responses to situations, that arose when they were around you. You will never attend a funeral and find someone excited to meet the person lying in the casket. Because now that person represents a moment of extreme discomfort and unpleasantness. Or at the least indifference or annoyance. The individual meant nothing. What that individual gave meant everything.


This is also how emotionally distant individuals can be some of the nicest people to interact with. They will give you an immediate emotional connection (a moment) that you enjoy but try to take that moment and extend it, go deeper? It very quickly starts to feel strained and distant- Those moments are stringing together and becoming memories.

We love moments. We regret memories.

Today’s post is rather unusual for my blog, however this is something that has been bouncing around my head for awhile now so I decided to air out my thoughts. So be they right or wrong this has been my temperament lately. Undoubtedly I will continue to puzzle over the nature of those two entities but for now I will leave it to your thoughts to entertain.

As always thank you for reading.