In Despair

Remember when the darkness comes

And I’m no longer there

That you were one who withheld hope

When I was in despair

I wish not equivocity

But rather love is shared

Alas though we’ll not strive again

We’re cursed within this glare.

A fabled mystic long ago

Once spoke a solemn prayer

But quickly you’ve forgot it

And settled for pious heirs

Clinging to vestiges of hopes

So laden down with fears

You’ve lost the heart and mind to fight

As poisoned by the air.

So breath it in and breath it out

Pretend you’re unaware

Of who it was offered no hope

When I was in despair.


As We Were

We dare not beguile ourselves

To think we’re strong as we once were

And through our smiles fear abounds

Our youth’s vigor is not as firm.

With trembling hands we gaze around

Attention not quite so pure

Without desiring we’ve found

Life’s empty bitter lures.

Though battered will and creasing brow

Behold future’s visage demurred 

Our life yet still sends out its sound-

To what end we are not sure.



Four walls linked side-by-side
Shadowed by a tower high
Guards keeping freedom at bay
-Prisoners mourn their days

Life shut in by gates and chains
Hope kept out, though guilt remains
Choices made, and errors wrought
Serve as evidence forgot

By those who take residence here
For they remind only of years
That are to be repaid behind
These walls removed only by flight

A somber reminder to be grateful for the freedom we have on this Independence Day.
– E.L

Hear Me

Where were you when I needed you?

I know you heard me cry.

How could you tell me what to do

And not give strength to try?

How hard was it to walk away

When I fell short again?

Why didn’t you come save the day

Did all this have to end?

You must have known how hard it was

To go so far yet fall-

Yet even though my heart is crushed

You ignore all my calls. 

Where were you when I needed you?

I’m much too late to change.

But answer me before I’m through

And I will find a way

Empty Love

Looking for love in all the wrong places
Dancing through nights with nameless faces
Hoping for something more than what’s past
Maybe the next time true love will last.

But then comes the morning in cold emptiness
The night before but a bitter remembrance
True love is a myth or else just a dream
Hiding for years or so it would seem.

Then cyclical return of the bottle and more
Take two glasses, three- Then swallow before
the evening comes crashing down in a blaze
of passionate ecstacy- Everyone’s dazed

And as the night closes in on those lost
They deaden their minds to let hearts pay the cost
For while looking for love in all the wrong places
They spend their lives dancing with nameless faces.