Morning Grace

See how at last the morning sun breaks through above the plains

Shining in it’s glory conquering the nighttime’s gains.

The eerie glow of moonlight has turned back and hides it’s face

While darkness once triumphant now retreats to coming day.

The wind is whispering afresh a promise once again

While swaying to unspoken rhythms trees echo the same:

We all know that the night is long and day seems far away

While falling prey to fantasies we fear it will not change

But every morning as the birds lift up a song in praise

And clouds reflect the light of stars millennia away

We understand the grace that promises each brand new day

Will last until the King of Kings commands the stars to rain.

So close your eyes and breath it in embrace the starlit gaze

Lift up your voice with nature’s chorus; sing a new refrain!

The chaos of the world may spin in never ending games

But see the ocean, smell a rose, we need not live in chains.


Calling Your Name

Show me the heart that is hurting

And bring to me all those in pain

For there is a promise assuring

That life need not always remain

In cycles of sin and despairing

In tears at the depth of your shame

But rather there’s hope for the morning,

In Grace that is falling like rain.

Tell me the sorrows you’re keeping

The deeds that you’ve hidden away

Give me your burdens unsparing

It matters not how much they weigh

For my arms will comfort your weeping

I’ll stand in the breach with my strength

I’ll lend you an ear when you’re speaking

And hold you when fear calls your name.

So show me the heart that is hurting

And bring to me all those in pain

For my love’s a fire still burning

And my love is calling your name.

As Days Grow Old

The face of knowledge
Voice of wit
Life of charm
Through conscious writ
Once ubiquitously owned
Wanes as each new day grows old.

Of repartee
once so quick
Minds once sharp
lose their grip
All this evidence has shown
Yet naught we do can stay the flow.

Intellect no
longer fits
inside– an ever-
present rift
grows where knowledge once was sown
as battles of the mind have slowed.

Desperate efforts
still resist
Times’ relentless
cruel tactics
besieging stores of what is known-
Waning as the days grow old.

Sharp tête-à-tête,
youthful quips,
Minds’ insatiate
parched lips:
That deeper than flesh and bone
ever wanes as days grow old.

With reluctance
All submit
Might subdued
beneath deaths fist.
Life wilting like Springs plucked rose;
Waning as the days grow old.

Musings of My Mind

There are two (2) distinct breaks in cadence for the following poem, dear reader. Kindly pay heed and take your time when reading, even as I submit that you’ll likely not understand the nature of what it is you read. However may the provocative wording be enough in this verse to amuse you… If nothing else


~ Musings of my Mind ~

Here we are again my friend to all the world unknown

Tears have no place in our hearts for they’ve nowhere to go.

We care not if you understand or clarify our words

You’ve dared not show your hand nor faced the horrors we have known.

At some far distant future time when we at last are grown

This time will seem as nothing more than seeds unwitting sowed.

Your vengeful gaze and broken pride have given life their turn

But you’ve no answer to the lies that whispered when we heard–

“Go far but fail not

To admit your wrong.

Give way but faint not

Ever be you strong.

Each day you praise not

The Maker of it all

Dreams that you dream not

Will force you to fall.”

So question my motives, give place to your fears.

And I bet you’ll question the reason I’m here

But venture to walk a few days in my shoes

And you will see truth is not solely in you.

a devils game

To everyone watching her plight
It seemed she fell away
Buried herself deep inside
And hid from everything.
But they could not witness the fight
Within her soul that raged:
He’d crept, a thief, into her life
And left there scars and shame.

The one trusted to hold her tight
And guard her with his strength
Had cloaked his poison in disguise
Until it was too late.
At last intentions brought to light
Revealed the brutal gaze–
But after she had given life
And suffered in his flame.

While to those ones whose watchful sight
Believed she’d fell away–
Hidden behind her languid eyes
Is a torturous pain.
Thus do not judge her silent plight
For she herself has gained
A judgement so determined by
A devil and his games.