Lessons Learned

Lessons learned in harsh surroundings

Seem to be the more sustaining

Than those ones which have been learned

While strolling ‘long lifes peaceful shores.


Midnight Musing

We told the stories

Sang the songs

Built our lives on right not wrong

Stood for truth

Defended weak

Listened in when one would speak

Learned so much

But loved too little

Carved out names in stone and brittle

Laughed at death

And scoffed at pride

Simplicity we left behind

Opened doors we should have shut

Trampled paths we should have not

Lived our lives and forgot time

But in the end time claims our lives.

Hopes against the futures fears

Are built to stand the test of years

But those forgotten in the night

Stand condemning those of light.

Don’t regret it’s me you’ve known

Please don’t hate the way I’ve grown

Remember me from former years

When innocence imprisoned tears

When we move on the future’s still

Shining bright beyond that hill.

Don’t feel shame at what’s been done

Think of all the times we’ve won

Don’t lose sight of what is real

Convince me somehow I still feel

Fallen Pine

The gentle sway of sturdy trees
bow in deference to the breeze
standing tall above the fence
thoughtless mighty indifference

Beaver’s dam across the brook
a simple home—his little nook
‘twas carved out of a sturdy pine
and fate it was that left behind

Marks that brought the great pine low
marks as if intent to show
where once a pine—strong and proud
a solemn warning in a shroud.