Calling Your Name

Show me the heart that is hurting

And bring to me all those in pain

For there is a promise assuring

That life need not always remain

In cycles of sin and despairing

In tears at the depth of your shame

But rather there’s hope for the morning,

In Grace that is falling like rain.

Tell me the sorrows you’re keeping

The deeds that you’ve hidden away

Give me your burdens unsparing

It matters not how much they weigh

For my arms will comfort your weeping

I’ll stand in the breach with my strength

I’ll lend you an ear when you’re speaking

And hold you when fear calls your name.

So show me the heart that is hurting

And bring to me all those in pain

For my love’s a fire still burning

And my love is calling your name.



Reflecting on the reason for Easter. The reason for Good Friday. And the reality of death in the light of these reasons.

As always, thanks for reading.


~ Death ~

What meaning can be derived from this concept so morbid

For reality is defined through its perceptions encompassed.

Vitality flees from its tyrannical plans

Hopes and dreams crushed when once placed its hands.

These notions require no wizardly sage

Nor scholar of legend to convince of their grade.

Life meets its end when challenged by this foe

Time meets eternity when their battle is o’er.

But once on a hilltop called Calvary

Just as this Death made its final decree

Claiming as prisoner the one Son of God

And all of earth mourned as it suffered the loss.

Yet still of the truths that death entertains

And the brutal finality of its desperate game.

Still once taken captive and crushed to the grave

The Son of God rose and put death in His place.

Death itself conquered by God is now dead!

It’s reign of terror crushed in the end.

The chains truly broken, the prisoner freed

And pain once the token from all of our deeds

Now makes obeisance for it’s God holds the key

And death is no match for its Maker and King.

The Devils Gate

Through thoughts of despair and moments of calm

When I’m unaware of how far I have gone

Time seems to stand still and hope disappears

Life tells fate her will but still it’s not clear.

Love flees apace as the days turn to years

Above all the laughter hides thousands of tears.

Vanquished before by these demons unnamed

Those banished and formed by one mind all the same.

Escape you still living, for death is your fate

If you tarry longer at this Devils gate.


Shut out the voice that never speaks

Beware of those who promise ease.

Cut off from worlds intent on more

And lost to those who’ve gone before

Allow yourself at last to lose

Defeat has nothing more to prove

Victory has lost its prize

The war has overcome this life.

While in a darkened corner sleeps the remnants of the past

As the man who can’t be moved follows in all the same old tracks.

Don’t hesitate to venture past, he won’t awaken now

For he has wandered through the night in search of sacred ground.

But all that he is will remain–for he is nothing now.