Shadow of My Mind

I see a shadow dancing in the corner of my mind

Its form so free, romancing, moving fluidly in time.

It whispers tales of lovely things while spinning webs of lies

Taunting, flirting, telling me to give away my life.

I shift my focus for awhile seeking to undermine

This shadow’s beauty, still romancing, dancing in my mind

But all the while these alluring thoughts weigh deep inside

Haunting even sleeplessness as if they owned the night.

I hear enchanted music drift so sweetly through that I’m

Want to near the shadow that’s been hidden in plain sight.

This shadow dancing, still romancing, ever in my mind.


The Keeper

“Before this last time that I leave
take I beg of you this key.
For it alone can free my heart
which I have kept quite set apart
within a stronghold so secure
might and force cannot procure.

Take and hold it here for me
until someone who is worthy
should venture in to claim its prize
releasing then this heart of mine.”
With that she placed that silver key
into the hand of Him unseen.