On My Own

I saw you when you stood alone

And asked you once to dance

You smiled at me when you said

Maybe there was a chance

But then time reared it’s ugly head

And turned your heart to stone

And once again I find myself

Dancing on my own.


You and I

Falling shadows, passing time
remembering when you and I
had hoped and wished for something more
than broken hearts we’d had before.

But wise sages could not foretell
our paths would wind unparalleled
we’d live our lives two souls apart
traversing seas without a chart.

Caught up in storms and cast to shore
losing the hope of love we’d born.
Now falling shadows, passing time
are all that’s left of you and I

My Broken Love Song

Two posts in one day! I know, but the Daily Prompt was so good I couldn’t resist. So this is in response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Another Trio.”

My Broken Love Song

I came back and the house was empty
the clothes had all been packed
the furniture– cold and dusty
the windows had all been smashed

As I walked down the darkened hallways
I could hear our simple tune
the love song we’d always played
as it echoed through empty rooms

like a shadow it covered the darkness
and I went to our special spot
there standing was the cracked bookcase
the one that her daddy had bought

and alone on the shelf was the record
player whimpering out it’s sound
somehow the dust had not found it
but it had gathered all around

and as it played that simple melody
the song we had always shared
I remembered her singing harmony
and dancing up and down stairs

But this time there’d be no more laughter
for I’d broken what I could not mend
heartache and pain would come after
our love song would finally end.