Stay silent for a moment…

Feel your heart is beating

Take your time and focus

It’s rhythm is deceiving

For every beat that swift departs

Escapes your future soul

Leaving behind the empty heart

With naught to make it whole.


Lost Love

As a ship sails across the sea
so has my love fled far from me
the oceans that swell within my heart
have broken it into so many parts.

Now tell me why my love went down
away from what we had?
Was I a trade for some underground,
dark, but handsome lad?

A lesson to you I’ll now impart-
(If you’ll only open up your heart)
Don’t even think the same as me
if your love’s fled across the sea

Pick up the shattered pieces
and set sail to set her free.

Wounded Love

I want to reach out and touch your heart
but the moment is gone now and I must depart.
I’ve questioned the answers
some men try to give
but the internal longing
will forever live.

I look back at history- its place is in art
tales full of soldiers, of kings and upstarts.
But now that I’ve told you
the thoughts in my head
those too are a memory
and might well be dead.

For what good are stories of castles and carts
that are not told in whole but only in parts?
But alas this story
of mine that I gave
does not have an ending-
but belongs in a grave.