I yearn to see the time appearing when once rid of mortal coil

I may stand approved and cloaked in garments pure, unspoiled

How long will this coarse vestige cling to one who sees no gain

Though held at those most high achievements people kill to claim.

Permit me to escape this world that holds tightly my chains

Those of my vitality and life’s enduring strain.

Release me from my bondage let my soul depart in peace

At last may Your Will call me home– at last may I be freed.



I just wanted you to know that’s it’s alright my Love

I will disappear without a fight tonight my Love

I may be called insane or crazy telling you goodbye

But in my heart I understand that I, not you, should cry

So live as long as you must live in freedom from my love

No longer will I darken pages with my hopes for love

You have your wish I will no more be in pursuit of love

From your heart hidden behind walls impregnable to love.



Four walls linked side-by-side
Shadowed by a tower high
Guards keeping freedom at bay
-Prisoners mourn their days

Life shut in by gates and chains
Hope kept out, though guilt remains
Choices made, and errors wrought
Serve as evidence forgot

By those who take residence here
For they remind only of years
That are to be repaid behind
These walls removed only by flight

A somber reminder to be grateful for the freedom we have on this Independence Day.
– E.L

Lesson Learned

Open the channels of my heart
that the river of emotion may flow
shatter the boundaries apart
that the feelings of love I may know

Don’t hide from the challenge appearing
but embracing this path that’s been chose
let me live in the freedom of feeling
and bath in it’s highs and it’s lows.