Begin Again

At last now the crest I am reaching
the view at the top I can see
the last couple steps I am breaching
I’ll run and forever be free.

Alas though my feet they are slipping
and the rocks underneath me give in!
For some reason my hands are not gripping
back at the beginning I must now begin.



Watching and waiting with fervent gaze
eyes growing heavy but hearts are ablaze.

With cries of freedom and loyalty thrown
around with intention but many still frown.

Is there no courage at all to be found,
or have we agreed to lay and bow down.

Dream of a Dream

Suddenly I realize
that the time is near
and all of my planning
is now making me fear
suppose it does not go
the way that I dreamed
but when I approach her
what she’ll say to me
is something so different
so vast that it seems
I must have been crazy
to have even believed
that something could come
of a dream of a dream.

Just give me a reason
and I will take flight
perhaps this is not
worth such a great fight
I’ll leave and I realize
that she’ll never know
I was this close to asking
but let’s hurry and go
for whatever possessed me
is now making me flee
and perhaps just refusing
to go on is supreme
for whatever can come
of a dream of a dream?

With my heart in my hand
Now I’ll turn to go
and if this were a movie
then she would say ‘No’
I would return then
and we would embrace
I’d say something clever
that would save us both face
but alas though I wish that
were the end of this tale
I walked out that door
and straight into a vale
my dream now is crashed
because of fears that I’ll fail.

The Night of Darkness

Dark clouds gather in the distance-
The storm is drawing near.

Lightning flashes with a vengeance-
The sky is full of tears.

Looks like demons in attendance-
Of this night now filled with fear.

Like a terror-driven rain dance-
They all echo out their cheers.

Young children fear their entrance-
And the horrors that they hear.

For this night now in remembrance-
Is the devils own new year.

The celebration of terror. It’s Halloween.