Beyond the doors of choices made

Those which haunt us through our days

All of laughter fades away

As the tears of yesterday

Spring anew and bloom again

Like those untimely deeds of men

Lacking consequence are splayed;

Life in fullness is disdained.

– – – – – –

The tragedy is all remain

Bound by cords made of the same

Decisions past those of today

Even so while passing blame

For what was done before the chains

And all the choices never made;

As an Adam, Eve they blame

Ignorance their sole refrain.


The Devils Gate

Through thoughts of despair and moments of calm

When I’m unaware of how far I have gone

Time seems to stand still and hope disappears

Life tells fate her will but still it’s not clear.

Love flees apace as the days turn to years

Above all the laughter hides thousands of tears.

Vanquished before by these demons unnamed

Those banished and formed by one mind all the same.

Escape you still living, for death is your fate

If you tarry longer at this Devils gate.


Shut out the voice that never speaks

Beware of those who promise ease.

Cut off from worlds intent on more

And lost to those who’ve gone before

Allow yourself at last to lose

Defeat has nothing more to prove

Victory has lost its prize

The war has overcome this life.

While in a darkened corner sleeps the remnants of the past

As the man who can’t be moved follows in all the same old tracks.

Don’t hesitate to venture past, he won’t awaken now

For he has wandered through the night in search of sacred ground.

But all that he is will remain–for he is nothing now.

At Last

It happened without fanfare

No music drifted through the air

I realized without remark

Close on the heels of a weary heart

With bitterness fading away

I thought that I would be okay

Until what moved and took its place

Was the result of battles waged

Which till this moment I had won

Or at the least had held my own

But without crying, without tears

Without love, or borrowed fears

The one who always stood so strong

At last fell before the throng.

And final cognizant reflections 

Realize climactic sentences

Do not preceded the paeons cry

But merely follow his sad life

And I that troubled paeon be

For life at last has broken me.

In Despair

Remember when the darkness comes

And I’m no longer there

That you were one who withheld hope

When I was in despair

I wish not equivocity

But rather love is shared

Alas though we’ll not strive again

We’re cursed within this glare.

A fabled mystic long ago

Once spoke a solemn prayer

But quickly you’ve forgot it

And settled for pious heirs

Clinging to vestiges of hopes

So laden down with fears

You’ve lost the heart and mind to fight

As poisoned by the air.

So breath it in and breath it out

Pretend you’re unaware

Of who it was offered no hope

When I was in despair.

Hear Me

Where were you when I needed you?

I know you heard me cry.

How could you tell me what to do

And not give strength to try?

How hard was it to walk away

When I fell short again?

Why didn’t you come save the day

Did all this have to end?

You must have known how hard it was

To go so far yet fall-

Yet even though my heart is crushed

You ignore all my calls. 

Where were you when I needed you?

I’m much too late to change.

But answer me before I’m through

And I will find a way

Hope in Despair

I’ve seen so many tragic things
broken hearts filled up with pain
power used but to destroy
stifling the hope of joy.

Sick and dying children lain
upon their beds while mothers slave
to offer but a piece of bread
giving what she never had.

I’ve heard the sounds of fear and dread
the cries of those who’ve fought and bled
for nothing but to have a home
some small place to call their own.

If only men could understand
what miracle’s held in their hand
what precious gift of life they bear
yet all I see around’s despair.

So out into the void I call
to everyone both great and small-
Don’t be so blinded by your greed
that you cannot see those who grieve.

Forget your trivialities
look around at those in need
reach out an open hand to share
and show the world how much you care.