I’ve wondered as I’ve wandered all over this barren land

If somehow I’ve missed the grandeur that before offered her hand.

I’ve wondered if the roads I’ve taken have all been for naught

And questioned if I should have taken roads that I did not.

I’ve travelled all around this place searching for something more

But now I wonder if it all was right in front of me before.

Did I but leave a trail of tears and heartache in my wake

Just to circumnavigate some place I wished escape?

Did I choose all the battles fought and wars already won

In efforts solely to detract from thoughts of being shunned?

Indeed, I’ve wondered as I’ve wandered all throughout this weary land

And sought for answers to the questions that my mind commands.

But even as these choices bring remembrance to what’s past

They hold no promise that their verity assuredly was cast.

For many are the paths of youth that lead to darkening ways

But were mine any better than those of such marked disdain?

Alas I’ve wondered and I’ve wandered but my soul will never rest–

Searching for these answers and a place to rest it’s head.


A Choice

This is the road I walk

Doing everything I can do

This is the path I run

Trying to get to you.

– – – – –

These are the choices I’ve made

Always following through

Searching for the brightest way

Leading me on to you

– – – – –

But now there’s a fork ahead

A direction I must choose

One to the right, one left

I don’t know which leads to you.

Chains of Fame

Set watch over hearts unchained

Though the guilt and fear remains

For without oversight claims

On the mind increase in shames

Wrought through body’s efforts laid

At the feet of altars placed

On the heart now free of chains.

– – – – –

Leave off questioning the games

Turns taken by those in chains

All the while chasing claims

Made by ones without said fame

Laid upon the hearts in shame

Free of altars perfect placed

Bound by chains of thoughtless games.

True Colors

Thus at last true colors shine through

The plagues of past remorse now proved

You’ve fallen crass while words you knew

Fade out en masse unknown to you.

– – – – –

Countless the casualties of war

Boundless the wonder we restore

To hearts unworthy of what’s pure

The bounty of those conflicts borne.

– – – – –

When choices made reflect the truth

So many closing doors of youth

Will grant options restored from dues

Unpaid, unwanted, all recused.

– – – – –

Thus at last as colors proved true

Return loves past to hearts anew

You’ve lost, though cast, your words en queues

Replaced by shafts of light in truth.

Through History

If I had not fallen then I’d lift you up
If I were not broken then I’d give you love
If I could awaken what has all but died
Perhaps I’d remember and turn to the light

If you had not told me I was not enough
If you could have seen past the man that I was
If you were not taken to you I would fly
Perhaps you’d remember how hard I had tried

But these are the thoughts of all that could be
Lost in the moments of our histories
These are the dreams we know never can be
For these are the roads untainted and free

But still the mind wonders of all that could be
If roads never taken were open and free
No matter the choices whether wrong or right
Written and echoing through history.

In Conclusion

Once again we’ve settled here
To drown out our pain and fears
Turning to these traits of old
That once left us broken, cold
Breaking minds to numb the pain
Losing time in our escape
Hoping for someone to hold
Yet afraid we’re growing old
And will lose the time and chance
To enliven lost romance.

Here at last we find ourselves
Changed from who we knew so well
Altered by the passing years
Accentuated by our tears.
Yet at last who we once knew
Once so pure and full of youth,
(While those roads of futures past
Have turned to histories last)
Shan’t return to former games
Nor reach past these latest days.

Turning from such worn out places
Ever changing, changing faces
Nothing of our former places
Matters when our face is nameless
Empty reaching cross the void
Urged to speak above the noise.
Hear conclusions oft unsaid
From saddest end of saddest men
Choice of fate or God’s decree
Life in fullness bends the knee.