The Keeper

“Before this last time that I leave
take I beg of you this key.
For it alone can free my heart
which I have kept quite set apart
within a stronghold so secure
might and force cannot procure.

Take and hold it here for me
until someone who is worthy
should venture in to claim its prize
releasing then this heart of mine.”
With that she placed that silver key
into the hand of Him unseen.



If I could learn the words to say
I wouldn’t waste another day
I would haste to find the way
to mend this broken heart

But still I don’t know what it takes
Hopeless in this endless maze
The map is torn that leads the way
just like this shattered heart.

Between the lines there is a space
where all the words I could not say
reside and there an answer lays
that heals a troubled heart