On My Own

I saw you when you stood alone

And asked you once to dance

You smiled at me when you said

Maybe there was a chance

But then time reared it’s ugly head

And turned your heart to stone

And once again I find myself

Dancing on my own.


My Reality

I see the lights on up ahead
That seem to offer hope instead
Of all the tragedies I’ve known
Those compelling me to roam

Those lights reveal a brighter life
Shedding their warmth throughout the night
Offering a chance to dream
If only I could still believe

But somehow on this dreary road
I won’t be saved- they don’t follow
And as I watch them fade away-
I wake to yet another day

Lonely Heart

I know the reason that you came
But for that reason you won’t stay
For all the times you’ve left alone
Have made you think that’s how it goes.

You have a drink or maybe two
Then try not to get too confused-
“What is wrong with me?” You ask
“That no one can ever see past
The tears dancing behind my eyes?”
Scars revealing what’s inside.

No matter you won’t have to say
For once again you’ve gone your way
And of those reasons that you came
None of them will make you stay.

The Keeper

“Before this last time that I leave
take I beg of you this key.
For it alone can free my heart
which I have kept quite set apart
within a stronghold so secure
might and force cannot procure.

Take and hold it here for me
until someone who is worthy
should venture in to claim its prize
releasing then this heart of mine.”
With that she placed that silver key
into the hand of Him unseen.

A Tragic Tale

She cried for her brother
as he journeyed beyond
the peaks of the mountains
in search of a song

She asked of her mother
if it would be long
before the night tempest
turned into the dawn

She begged of her father
“Oh, let me I pray
venture out searching
I’ll find my own way.”

She called for her lover
“Come take me away
for I’ve lost the reasons
that force me to stay.”

She fled to the city
such exciting sights
no thoughts of the future
she lived for the night

Until came a moment
when dark pleasures bite
demanded a payment
in exchange for a life.

She turned to a bottle
so no one would hear
the sounds of her crying
her shedding of tears

She thought of the Preacher
after many years
and hope of procuring
a peace from her fears.

But instead she took potions
and pills of a kind
that take away notions
and thoughts about time.

And wasted and ravished
frightened and alone
she fell to sins cycle
hopeless and unknown.

If I Leave…

I suppose if ever comes the day
again when we meet face to face
I do not know what I would say
to make it worth your time to stay

Supposing I had strength to play
some song of love to break the chains
of loneliness which still remain
Perhaps then I, your heart, could sway.

But still again supposing I
could spread out wings and upward fly
what good would be those wings of mine
if I forget the heart inside?

Perhaps I won’t recall today-
this thought, this rhyme, this foolish flame.
Perhaps tomorrow I will say
“Goodbye my love- I go away.”


Beneath a bough of towering pines
away from burning city lights
where what is here grows out of sight
a gentle stream trickles on by.

And sitting on its sandy shore
l find myself as ne’er before
watching nature so adorned
it shows no hint of sorrows borne.

“Cursed,” said I, “Is all I am.
For in truth I who am a man
cannot exist on this fair land
without showing on both my hands

The stains of all my weariness
which if I could at my behest
I’d send away to be at rest,
yet they remain upon my flesh.”

Then picking up some jagged stone
I tossed it out as if to show
that if I chose by strength alone
I could rise and stay the flow.

But nature bending once again
deferred unto a cursed man.
The stone fell to a watery bin
which simply trickled on again.