Morn of Grace

For a moment all was lost

The heart who’d loved had all but tossed

Intention out into the void.

It’s murmurs lost within the noise

Of such chaotic atmosphere

The voice of hope no longer cheered

But rather offered what had passed

In mournful reflection relapse

Nostalgia had become the way;

Forgetting Providence’s reign.

And in that moment what had past

Became regrets that will yet last

For years and years and years to come

The fight now over- overcome.

Empathy and love undone

Engaged in turmoiled war of love

Stricken with dark pleasures bite

Embittered by all towards the light

Chasing down emotions fraught

With fruitless ends in treasures bought

Paying the price: integrity

Sacrificing self to please

The heart who had all but lost hope

Reaching out for ways to cope.

For, for a moment all was lost

The heart had given up the cost.

Until the light of truth shone through

The path of mercy ever proved

And in that glimmer came the thought

That all that’s past produces what

Will follow after; follow fast

After all that has long past.

All is not lost; all’s not gone

Life continues; not undone.

Pressing in but still endured,

Never breaking; ever sure.

Life eternal sheds it’s light

Strife temporal has no life

Beyond the grave; beyond the void

Beyond the face of endless noise.

Setting is the sun of shame

Rising is the morn of grace.


I Loved You

I tried to pretend that you didn’t

Mean a thing to me

I tried to focus on the motions

Of thinking I was free.

But then the moment came when I saw you once again

And the thoughts came rushing back again. The truth I hate to show.

I loved you. More than you’ll ever know.

I loved you. More than I’ll ever show.

I loved you. But still I will go.

I loved you. I loved you. I just thought you should know.

– – – – –


– – – – –

This post is dedicated to someone that will never read it… nor ever care. But I guess that’s life. So maybe you can relate, dear reader, maybe not. Every once in awhile I post something I truly don’t give a crap if anyone likes or not… this is one of those. So yeah– thanks for reading regardless.

~ Edward Landers

All the Same

I hope that you find happiness

I hope that you find peace

I hope you find love better than your wildest dreams.

– – – – –

I wish you all the best in life

I wish you favor’s light.

I wish you grace to find His strength to persevere through strife.

– – – – –

I wished for you the best life gives

Before I called your name…

And still, even though you curse mine, I wish it all the same.


Moments Passed

Our lives are knit by moments passed

Between the lines of first and last

We share a smile, share a laugh

Before we move on: moving past.

– – – – –

Effortlessly seeking more

Than all the moments gone before

Only to return to the stores

That have passed on unadorned

– – – – –

Then once again as moments passed

Escape what’s given; never grasped

Till what is lost is now steadfast

Token roads all now long past.


Achievements once before were flaunted on a gilded stage

While restless warriors more than conquered all that could be claimed

Beyond the scattered dreams unquestioningly now displayed.

There isn’t much to be desired from what’s left to gain.

But still the mind once haunted by the dreams of yesterday

Sings along to choruses endemic to their name

Replacing those long lost by lyrics wishing for the same

Intrepidly insisting there is still a game to play.

Wrongfully disaster strikes like water to the flame

And restless warriors once again conquer what can be claimed.

What is it Here?

What is it that you’re searching for that brings you here today?

What is it that you cannot find by some other old way?

What is it here that you desire beyond the masquerade?

What is it here that beckons you to play this twisted game?

What is it here that broke open old wounds again displayed?

What is it here that begged attendance of your heart today?

What is it here you’re searching for behind your placid claim?

What is it here you’re searching for beyond what here is named

This is Where

This is where I leave you

As everything will change

This is how we will undo

All of what remains.

This is where I leave you

This is what you wished

Forget what we once asked to do

Forget forgotten lists.

This is where I leave you

Walk onward out the door

This is where I leave you

As you knew once before.

Now is when the winds of change

Press outward bursting seams

As the light within recedes

Like all forgotten dreams

Stretching, breaking at the core

Hoping for what can’t be

As this is where I leave you

This is our broken dream.