Sitting on the edge
waiting for the word
alone now on this ledge-
I’m free just like a bird.
Gather up your knowledge
time takes us all in turn.


Time’s Moments

Look at the future and you will see
nothing but heartbreak and tragedy.

Look back at the past and you may feel
Wonderful memories or bitter ones still.

But look at today and you can know
—the past is past and the future’s your own.

The Wanderers Place

Far across the distant plains
beyond the treacherous mountainous range
a quiet and peaceful cabin of lore
stands lonely and silent next to a ford

There is no hurry along this lane
although the scene appears quite strange
when stretching upon its own solemn shore
are the thoughts of the wanderer that went before.

There lies not here some filthy stain
no hidden plague – No, nothing’s changed
It’s kept a treasure for he who’s torn
a place of refuge set before he’s born.

Though kept away from every pain
this place of solace does not arrange
the ones for whom its treasure’s poured
-that’s kept for the wanderer that went before.


Teardrops fall from a child’s eye
his mother is not at home
no soothing sounds from a lullaby
no voice on the telephone

Many fears assail him as he lies
huddled so cold, alone
no hope for I fear that night is nigh
—this child is still unknown.

Admittedly these dull and dry
words what with sadness I’ve shown
bring nothing but sorrow and heavy sighs
but the truth in your mind is known.

The Last Cowboy

He sat on his horse and looked all around
the face of the landscape had changed
where once were the cattle, and buffalo grounds
now stood fences that hemmed in the range

With a small hint of sadness— his back to the east
he walked his horse hoping to find
a place of peace— for bells, whistles, and grease
had left all the cowboys behind

It was then that I saw him— as he rode for the sun
his silhouette stood out black against light—
Shadows had blended horse and man into one
—as the last cowboy finally gave up the fight.