A Christmas Note

Hope your days full of wonder
and the sky’s free of thunder
and the air’s full of charming smells.

Merry Christmas!
…with love.



Wake up the little children
for it’s that time of year
when all the worries and the cares
are drowned in seas of cheer.

Wake up the little children
and tell them do not fear.
For a virgin mother this night bares
a King for all the years.

Wake up the little children
and wipe away their tears.
Let peace and love to all be shared
for Christmastime is here.

The Coward of Trent (Part II)

War came again then
to arms came the call
and men all around him
went rushing to brawl.

He awoke from his stupor
his eyes dull and gray
and recalled all the cruelty
that blackened his name.

Then up he stood firm
His eyes steady gazed
one hand grasped a pistol
and the other a blade.

“My soul is my own
though my life you may brand
and that I will end
as I fight for this land.”

He strode to the front lines
men gasped at the sight
for this was the Coward
that would run from a fight.

Some laughed at his face
while the others held back
but today he would die
all the cards were stacked.

“No,” cried the wounded
“Don’t ever go on!
There’s death to be paid
in the hills beyond”

But forward he marched
with his head held high
he’d march to his death
never turning to fly.

Now up in the bushes
the smoke’s briefly seen
as he stumbles and falls
His word’s clearly gleaned

“Let it never be said”
Were the words which he cried
“That the coward of Trent
was a coward when he died.”

From up in the hilltops
the rebels’ gaze
never turned their eyes
from the glimmering blade

The blade that forward
marched with pride
in the hands of
The Coward of Trent