They lurk in the darkness
they hide from the light
their minds think of evil
their eyes fill with fright.

They live but they’re heartless
fear is their delight.
Beware of their powers
for death stalks the night.


The Effort

He wagered nothing
and thus remained
soulless and empty-
a face with no name.

This other one tried
with study to earn
the favor of all
but before all he burned

What now’s the meaning
of this loathsome tale?
If not to humble,
to bow, and to vail.

Put out the effort
but just understand
that once you start sailing
you’ll lose sight of land.

Roads of the Future

I am the haunt from inside your dreams
a part of a future that will never be.
I always will hold a piece of your heart
though my true face you may never see.

You remember me from times since past
even though then you knew it would never last.
I am the right road when you chose the left
the beggar alone when you drove passed.

I am that thought of what could have been
you chose an apple when you could have Eden.
You never can know, when some choice you make
what the other one held. For closed is that gate.