Shallow Appearances

No home – no shelter
The path of the wanderer is worn.

Hell-bound devil?
A saint – An angel?
The clothes that he wears are torn.

So gentle – So kind
His past is behind
And there’s a light that shines like the morn.

Forgive – Forget
Don’t judge – Don’t regret
The figure of darkness born.

Can you now see?
He’s like you and me.
Though the clothes that he wears aren’t adorned

The mind – The heart
Look deep not in part
For shallow is the appearance and form.

9/11 – A Tribute

Don’t ask of me the words to say
to take away the pain.
Or how to bring back into place-
What that day was blown away.
For no words could I express
but that have all been said before,
And no comfort can I give you
for the loss you have endured.

But I take a moment of this day,
I stand where once I laid,
To salute you men of courage-
Those now fighting in my place.
And for the flag of freedom-
Which high o’er this country flies-
I will defend your honor
In this dark and troubling time.

So don’t forget all that has happened
Those who lived and died that day
But remember what was given
That our children might be free.
Look up now at that skyline
Once a monument so high
And give a solemn prayer
For the darkest memory of our time.

Fame and Fortune

“I’m off for fame and fortune! “
So claimed the fair-eyed lad.
“I’ll no longer bear the burden-
of such a wearisome land.”

And so the lad went glibly-
He thought his fate secure.
But the wheels of time lay churning-
And his demise came soon in turn.

It’s true he claimed his fortune.
His wealth spread far and wide.
But of his friends and family-
Not a one was by his side.

And when the Grim* came knocking
at his wealthy chamber door.
All his wealth could not deter him
Death had entered on his floor.

So now pay heed dear reader-
For this lad of whom you read-
Is none other than a traveler
Born with blood that runs in me.

Seek not for fame and fortune-
Save with trouble do they come.
But give your time to others-
For it is love that will endure.

*The Grim Reaper

A Simpleton

Tis true, I concede
This Thought’s ill-conceived
but undertaken with haste it must be

For while I believe-
This Thought supersedes
the unbelievable lot that’s perceived

And now will I heed-
This Thought ill-conceived-
Strict adherence – never bending I’ll be

Clarity now pleads-
Speak truth you or bleed!
I must make answer for all I have said

But oh, though I bleed
In my heart I now see
My sad lot is a thought ill-conceived.


Thoughtless speech, and thoughtless lines
Reflect the ills of all mankind.

A bolt of lightning shatters the night-
A quick stroke of death written in light.

Now out in the distance the downpour begins
No thought, no care in the crackling din.

Be careful now of what you will say-
Lest like a bolt from the blue you blow someone away.

Thoughtless speech, and thoughtless lines
Reflect the ills of all mankind.

A Place Called Home

There is a beauty in this place I know
A quiet peace-

There is a legend to this place I know
A subtle strength-

There are memories of this place I know
A verity-

Now comes a question of this place I know
A mystery-

But though the question of this place I know
Its subtlety-

I know you know the truth I hold-
It’s just a place
called Home.