A Legend of Elakaar

A world once built on legends skewed
Guarding secrets cut and hewn
Into the granite walls of time
Are those whose wonder is sublime.
– – – – –
– – – – –
While every notion of their passing leaves the onlookers in shame
Still falling tokens everlasting pave a melancholic way.
But time wears down the harshest stone– night will turn to day.
Those lives who wonder; those who roam– at last receive their pay.


a devils game

To everyone watching her plight
It seemed she fell away
Buried herself deep inside
And hid from everything.
But they could not witness the fight
Within her soul that raged:
He’d crept, a thief, into her life
And left there scars and shame.

The one trusted to hold her tight
And guard her with his strength
Had cloaked his poison in disguise
Until it was too late.
At last intentions brought to light
Revealed the brutal gaze–
But after she had given life
And suffered in his flame.

While to those ones whose watchful sight
Believed she’d fell away–
Hidden behind her languid eyes
Is a torturous pain.
Thus do not judge her silent plight
For she herself has gained
A judgement so determined by
A devil and his games.

Who Are We?

Who are we if not more than dust and flesh and bone?
Who are we if existence lies upon some chance alone?

Who are we if our meaning rests in seeking out its own?
Who are we if we have no higher calling than what’s shown?

Who are we if our lives exist only by happenstance?
Who are we if there’s nothing further than this song and dance?

Who are we if there is no higher being than ourselves?
For if so then we’re meaningless, the question asked as well.

Who are we if the answer to our purpose lives inside?
Who are we? Tell me, answer me! Who are we in this life?

Who are we when the lifeblood drains and death steals life aside?
Who are we when the fleeting years are gone and then we die?

Who are we without meaning? And if we can’t define
What meaning is then again I ask who are we in this life?

All We Are

Come share a moment of your time, for time is all we have.

Your wealth, your privilege, status symbols end and never last.

Though time, some say, will end soon too, without it all we are:

Our hearts not beating, life unmoving, emotionlessly scarred.

Remove all other vestiges, all remnants leave behind,

Then try to tell me who you are without this gift of time.

When last you’ve reached the reckoning of my somber request

Submit your answer don’t hold back, all this at my behest

And truth you may ignore desires, either one or twain

But in so doing you have given answer all the same.


Oft Unspoken

Still form roses, blood-stained ribbons
Shadows of the past.
Yet unspoken, every token
Clings but never lasts.
Seeking remnants of the choices
From untaken paths
Losing habits in the notions
Of life’s tortured mask.

Examine with me what herein lies dear reader. And if you venture to submit your thoughts to the light of day I will most happily pay heed. Nevertheless as always thank you for your studied attention.


Faithless Fidelity

The foundation was built from humble beginnings
Carved by a hand of devoted integrity.

Then came the substance resting its weight
But still though it bent it never would break.

At last to conclude this architectural feat
The crowning achievement was placed on its peak.

Then stepping apace to gaze on his work
This stunning display rising up from the dirt

The builder with horror was filled and soon shook
As the one he had built it for entered and took

A match to the pillars that held up the frame
And he gazed as his handiwork fell to the blaze.

While the one whom he’d trusted laughed at the flames
For faithless her heart full of devious games.

Then off she went merrily dancing away
While the life of the builder crumbled in her wake.


I yearn to see the time appearing when once rid of mortal coil

I may stand approved and cloaked in garments pure, unspoiled

How long will this coarse vestige cling to one who sees no gain

Though held at those most high achievements people kill to claim.

Permit me to escape this world that holds tightly my chains

Those of my vitality and life’s enduring strain.

Release me from my bondage let my soul depart in peace

At last may Your Will call me home– at last may I be freed.