Four walls linked side-by-side
Shadowed by a tower high
Guards keeping freedom at bay
-Prisoners mourn their days

Life shut in by gates and chains
Hope kept out, though guilt remains
Choices made, and errors wrought
Serve as evidence forgot

By those who take residence here
For they remind only of years
That are to be repaid behind
These walls removed only by flight

A somber reminder to be grateful for the freedom we have on this Independence Day.
– E.L

Midnight Musing

We told the stories

Sang the songs

Built our lives on right not wrong

Stood for truth

Defended weak

Listened in when one would speak

Learned so much

But loved too little

Carved out names in stone and brittle

Laughed at death

And scoffed at pride

Simplicity we left behind

Opened doors we should have shut

Trampled paths we should have not

Lived our lives and forgot time

But in the end time claims our lives.

Hopes against the futures fears

Are built to stand the test of years

But those forgotten in the night

Stand condemning those of light.

Don’t regret it’s me you’ve known

Please don’t hate the way I’ve grown

Remember me from former years

When innocence imprisoned tears

When we move on the future’s still

Shining bright beyond that hill.

Don’t feel shame at what’s been done

Think of all the times we’ve won

Don’t lose sight of what is real

Convince me somehow I still feel

My Revenge

You taunted me with words and
tricked me with your lies
You never thought I’d see behind the secrets in your eyes.

The truth is even worse, though,
You didn’t try to hide.
You openly deceived me, flaunting your disguise.

But now you’ve seen I know all
the secrets and their truth
Your masquerade has ended the love that I once knew

Witness the conclusion
of this broken affair
Love is your illusion, hiding your despair.

Once felt but not again
for broken hearts soon mend
It’s pointless to defend for these words are my revenge.


Portrait of an Unknown

Drawn upon the sidewalk in a lowly part of town
I caught a glimpse of beauty that should not have there been found
a portrait drawn with brilliant skill upon the broken face
making use of every crack and spot within its place.

The figure of the picture seemed to stare right through my soul
for its artist had no aims of glory, lofty thoughts, or goals
the brilliance of its artistry stemmed from within its core
that shone only with thoughts to share- not to be adored.

Then while I watched the rain clouds up above came pouring down
wiping away the smiling face which soon could not be found
then I reflected on the halls and pinnacles of times
built for men to gaze in wonder as their luster shines

But true beauty cannot be found among castles of gold
for if you place a frame around a rock it’s then special.
So look around at what you see; what’s right in front of you
beauty lives in everything- But not everything is news.


Is it harder to be hated?
Or harder to be loved?
For one can be neglected-
But the other not so much.
Is it better to be feared
Or better to fear all?
Tell me truly this my dear
Or won’t you take my call?
Lifted from a place of anguish
Taken from despair
But still this life sometimes seems wasted
On trivial cares
Broken from a defeat shattered
On the dusty floor
But still the diamonds hewn from granite
Anchors tokens stored
Leave me. Take your lot and go
Stay no more behind
Let this restless heart abandoned
Lose itself in time.