It’s hard to find the words to say

When who you love is gone

For shouts of anger and dismay

Have little hold on God.

There is no rhyme or reason

When those so loved depart

And in the broken season

There’s naught but shattered hearts.


Behind the Masquerade

With witty words and fluent phrases

I’ve performed on many stages

Dazzling critics with my charm

All this done to my own harm.

For to the master of disguise

The world’s a stage where none can hide

Save only by appearing as

One who hides nothing he has.

But as such kept in secret still

Is the heart and active will

For none will often see beyond

The stages lights and magic’s con

Thereby while hidden it’s free

The heart to rest alone in peace

Until that time when someone more

Than pretty faces well adorned

Makes an entrance through the walls

And for that form the heart will fall.

Thus stripped of masquerading games

The heart and soul sits on display

And sleight-of-hand cannot replace

The truth behind the curtained stage.

So here I sit in solitude

Pondering what can I do?

For all the wit and charm of mine

Is useless to the purest mind.

Somehow you’ve gained an entrance through

These walls for years I’d built and hewn.

My bag of tricks is thrown away

The mask at last ripped from my face.

The games are worn my words run few

I didn’t know I needed you.

My hearts been stolen by another

More than thoughtless broken lovers

By an angel I can’t reach

For I’ve not yet learned how to speak

Without the workings of my mind

To cloak my feelings in disguise.

For years of painting on a face

Of smiles kept my heart at bay

Always left behind the stage

Not welcome in my masquerade.

But like an angel sent from heaven

You broke the chains, opened its prison

And now revealed for what it is

The gilded stage has lost its bliss.

Though critics scoff at purity

And players scorn reality

I find anew my soul is kindled

To pursue what once had dwindled.

Wait for me is all I ask

Till I’ve learned to live with no mask.



What more is left to say?

I’ve heard it all before.

Every heartfelt phrase

Asking, begging more.

Every turning page

And every closing door

Fell curtains to the stage

Throw dust upon the floor.

We love the spilling waves

When life’s on pleasant shores

Until the winds of change

Usher in the storms.

So tell me what to say

Don’t leave me bruised and worn.

I cannot loose the chains

That bind my broken form.


In streams flowing from broken hearts

Bridging worlds once set apart

Of heartfelt minds to nature’s rain

Thoughts on life seeking escape.

They scarce are bidden yet still come

Present as the morning sun

Or dew upon the watered fields

When morning, night, at last reveals.

And in subsequent disdain

They are discarded away

But not before the pain that caused

Them to appear has turned and tossed

Through sleepless nights and weary days

Increased as light ‘neath eyes gives way

To stains from hurts that darken still-

Painfully burns and breaks the will.

Separated soul and flesh

What’s inside is all that’s left.

For teardrops never give but take

While hurt is all ever remains.


I just wanted you to know that’s it’s alright my Love

I will disappear without a fight tonight my Love

I may be called insane or crazy telling you goodbye

But in my heart I understand that I, not you, should cry

So live as long as you must live in freedom from my love

No longer will I darken pages with my hopes for love

You have your wish I will no more be in pursuit of love

From your heart hidden behind walls impregnable to love.