The icy snow and windswept streets

Evince a sightless, soundless scene

As memories so long forgot

Are brought to mind while footsteps trod

Along the landscapes once well known

From prior years lost long ago.

The neon lights tempt lonely hearts

Swift escapes from swift departs.

Cafes tout melancholy wares

As music wafts out in the air.

Thoughts of what was lost return

As forbidden years of mirth.

And through the windswept weary streets

The footsteps echo and retreat

As memories of all long lost

Return again to give hearts pause.


Winter’s Blessing

Ah the simple purity

Of winter snow in winter’s breeze

Falling ever gracefully

Falling ever always free.

– – – – –

Thoughtless in the minds of men

But ’tis so sweet again, again

On those enemies and friends

Measureless treasures are sent.

– – – – –

And in the simple purity

Of winter’s snow in winter’s breeze

We see promises yet unseen

Falling in these frozen gleams.

Moments Passed

Our lives are knit by moments passed

Between the lines of first and last

We share a smile, share a laugh

Before we move on: moving past.

– – – – –

Effortlessly seeking more

Than all the moments gone before

Only to return to the stores

That have passed on unadorned

– – – – –

Then once again as moments passed

Escape what’s given; never grasped

Till what is lost is now steadfast

Token roads all now long past.

Beautiful Dreamer

“Beautiful dreamer open your eyes

Lift once again your sight to the sky

Look to the promise redemption is nigh

Beautiful dreamer open your eyes.

– – – – –

Beautiful dreamer open your eyes

Take not for granted the passing of time

Choose what is lasting to hold by your side

Beautiful dreamer open your eyes.”

– – – – –

But still as the dreamer sleeps through the night

Her lover awaits her hoping she’ll arise

His vigil assuredly ends when the light

Touches his beautiful dreamer’s eyes.

– – – – –

Beautiful Dreamer open your eyes.


Achievements once before were flaunted on a gilded stage

While restless warriors more than conquered all that could be claimed

Beyond the scattered dreams unquestioningly now displayed.

There isn’t much to be desired from what’s left to gain.

But still the mind once haunted by the dreams of yesterday

Sings along to choruses endemic to their name

Replacing those long lost by lyrics wishing for the same

Intrepidly insisting there is still a game to play.

Wrongfully disaster strikes like water to the flame

And restless warriors once again conquer what can be claimed.

What is it Here?

What is it that you’re searching for that brings you here today?

What is it that you cannot find by some other old way?

What is it here that you desire beyond the masquerade?

What is it here that beckons you to play this twisted game?

What is it here that broke open old wounds again displayed?

What is it here that begged attendance of your heart today?

What is it here you’re searching for behind your placid claim?

What is it here you’re searching for beyond what here is named