In Conclusion

Once again we’ve settled here
To drown out our pain and fears
Turning to these traits of old
That once left us broken, cold
Breaking minds to numb the pain
Losing time in our escape
Hoping for someone to hold
Yet afraid we’re growing old
And will lose the time and chance
To enliven lost romance.

Here at last we find ourselves
Changed from who we knew so well
Altered by the passing years
Accentuated by our tears.
Yet at last who we once knew
Once so pure and full of youth,
(While those roads of futures past
Have turned to histories last)
Shan’t return to former games
Nor reach past these latest days.

Turning from such worn out places
Ever changing, changing faces
Nothing of our former places
Matters when our face is nameless
Empty reaching cross the void
Urged to speak above the noise.
Hear conclusions oft unsaid
From saddest end of saddest men
Choice of fate or God’s decree
Life in fullness bends the knee.


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