Thus in the beginning,
Though hearts without end
Begged of their future
To offer amends,
There was no returning
To life’s former trends
And last in the earning
Of recompense sent
Those methods of facing
Token bitter ends
Left hearts full but breaking–
Unamitous* men.

* As apparently there is no such word in the English language to describe the above mentioned state of being as pertaining to individuals, I have taken it upon myself to ignore protocol and coin my own word. While I understand this may invite a higher level of scrutiny, it is a risk I am willing take in the interest of literary accuracy. If any of my readers can provide me with an equally appropriate word that may currently be found in the English language, the existence of which somehow I have missed, please make this pedantic author aware! I will unpretentiously correct myself…

But regardless as always, thank you for reading.

~Edward Landers

Unamitous (un•am•i•tus) – adjective

The state or habit of disinterest in amicable relationships.
(Synonyms) Disinterested. Sociopathic. Unamicable.


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