I must beg apology of my readers for this work. It is indeed as the title indicates and bears no discernible thread that you may follow through. I almost entitled it as another of my musings, however those I write with at least the semblance of consistent thought. This piece had no such consistency. If you look carefully you will note the change in cadence and tone, but also, the seeming incoherence as well. I submit that likely I should not submit. But that is the nature of my blog. To express where else would only be silence. Thoughts unspoken, words never uttered, emotions never conquered. Sphinx-like, stoic… Cryptic.


~ Cryptic ~

There was no love song never sung

Our hearts did not break when the sun

Broke upon the morning of a love we never had

We did not turn to mourning ‘you and I’ was just a fad

A passing moment lost to time and through eternity

A lasting focus of my life will never be on thee

I cannot feel the pain of love when love I never earned

For losing what was never owned cannot be felt or cursed

An empty vessel cannot despise its own condition save

Only if the possibility was given and turned away.

This story is not from a heart that broke because of you

But rather is the evidence of him who you once knew

For when what you had longed for was given you obtained

What you longed for all along knowing you’d never stay.

So lift your voice in singing melodies we’ll never share

I’ve lost the heart of feeling and fear I no longer care.

I wish that I could weep for you but all to often this

Emotion has been lost upon the stars that I had wished

I’ll say no more. I’ve tarried longer than I meant to stay

Ashamed before and broken ever fallen in disgrace.

While words unspoken every token turns from blue to gray.

Decipher this you fiendish mind declare what game I play

Reminders of a different life never to be reclaimed.

But once again enigmas have escaped upon the page

Amorphous victims of a mind whose thoughts dance on a stage.

But thoughts have no acceptance when brought to the light of day

If what is longed for through those thoughts keeps amity at bay.

Thus once again emotions have run intellect to ground

Crushed and broken by the swells of love through thunderclouds

You would not ascertain my reason though my thoughts spoke plain

Hence why should I be troubled when you don’t recall my name?

Back and forth we play these games but you’ve no reason why

Take the torches from the runner go on light your eyes

Engage in that most precious and enrich your life endeared

To that cacophony of solitude and peace that I can’t near

With strength I’d have lifted you up to the heavens

With swiftness I’d offer you wings to the distance

With love I’d have given all of love– wait let’s end this.

These thoughts serve no purpose but to dredge up regrets

Farewell and farewell

Till later is never

Live well and live well

See you never forever.


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