Dyathon’s Peace

I don’t usually include YouTube videos within my work. However this poem was inspired by the following image set as the backdrop to this video. So hit play and read on as you listen.


~Dyathon’s Peace~

With stifled cries and bloodied hands
the beast at last fell to the sand.
Tortured by a dozen spears
thrust into him at the cheers
and cries of glee by those around
who clapped their hands hearing the sound
of agony from his soul stripped
as life escaped through twisted lips.
His visage of a demon true
caused the fear and spelled his doom
and cast to the arena he
was crushed without a way to flee
his life spread out upon the sand
at the hands of vicious men.
Until a maiden’s form appeared
while calming all she moved so near
and knelt she touched the dying head
as tears fell through her trembling hands
while eyes of anguished love gazed down
upon the beast splaying the ground.
“Shalara kae, shalara nhee.*
Peace I ask be upon thee.”

And as the wounded’s breathing slowed
and dying eyes at last were closed
the maiden standing turned her gaze
upon the crowd who now amazed
reflected on the deed they’d done…
In murdering a mother’s son.

*One day I may explain this language… – E.L


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