Chain of Thought

So many times in words unspoken

Thoughts of love or hate unfocused;

Disallowed into the world

Shut out by a voice unheard–

These are such that cause the pain

In our hearts when we disdain

The notions that have held them there

As if their silence we all hear.

– – – – –

Thus if when words unspoken strive

To relieve the heart and mind

Fail in efforts to sustain

That which spawned their form and grace

Bitterness becomes the price

Oft encased in forms of pride

Lost to those who fail to see

Behind the curtained stage and scene.

– – – – –

Witness how words written as these

Can reveal what is unseen

While at the same time cast the shade

That will disguise what truth remains.

For scholars, sages, wizards– none

Can decipher cryptic sums

When the numbers given up

Are encrypted, cast, and shunned.

– – – – –

Alas now even efforts here

To be frank and to be clear

Have all fallen on deaf ears

For the world is cursed and fears

Honesty and innocence

Will reveal what hearts have missed

Giving chance for foes to chain

Life to whims of thoughts again.


A Question of Happiness

Enough times I have witnessed life spread out but spread too thin

To grant the notion of devotions to unnecessary whims

Will always lead to all encompassing happiness at ends

Instead of granting, more supplanting, governance by sins.

– – – – –

In quick reaction to my claim, comes boldly crashing in,

A wanton, ruthless, memory of how all this began

Staunch in efforts to dispel the claims that knowledge spread

Upon the mind absent of wisdom on this questions thread.

– – – – –

Stating that the reasons of efforts now unrestrained

Are pointless as anointed now are more visceral gains.

And truth may prove the verity of claims so brusquely said

But what then holds the keys of power to these thoughts of men?

– – – – –

At last when all is ended and the final hand is played

Will you recall I asked if what we did merited grace?

For truth, at times, a demon sits atop the golden cage

But still that cage is held by One whose claim cannot be swayed.

– – – – –

It then behooves me to point out if all is as I say

The question of true happiness is lost on most today.

For who among us ever pleads when giving what remains

Of life and time to answer an old question here displayed

True Colors

Thus at last true colors shine through

The plagues of past remorse now proved

You’ve fallen crass while words you knew

Fade out en masse unknown to you.

– – – – –

Countless the casualties of war

Boundless the wonder we restore

To hearts unworthy of what’s pure

The bounty of those conflicts borne.

– – – – –

When choices made reflect the truth

So many closing doors of youth

Will grant options restored from dues

Unpaid, unwanted, all recused.

– – – – –

Thus at last as colors proved true

Return loves past to hearts anew

You’ve lost, though cast, your words en queues

Replaced by shafts of light in truth.


Ah fickle forests

filled with densest trees

Spreading ever upward, outward

Never ending gains


Never taking thought of morrows’

Ever growing pains

But still shower all with shadows

Of foreboding shade.


Countless leaves will fall when autumn

Spreads like fiercest plague

But without thought

Winter swallows

Up all that remains.


Until at last when the springtime

Breaks through winters’ chains

Life is reborn

As a new morn

Yet to die again.

I Loved You

I smiled oh so sweetly as you tried to lead me on

You said that it was over ‘tween you and that “awful one”

I gave you such a sincere nod you never caught the glint

Behind my eyes that betrayed just how much to me you meant.

– – – – –

But I knew even as you spoke that it was over now

And I lied as I told you that “sometime” I’d be around.

I’m far too good at moving past my broken hearts and dreams.

I’m far too careful with my thoughts to strip away the scene

– – – – –

And let you witness how inside these masquerading games

Is a boy who loved a girl but would not tempt the fates.

It’s tragic, in my subtlety, you’ll never know I cared

I’ll hide my feelings deep inside a world built on despair

– – – – –

But cloaked, ubiquitously, smiles hide all of my pain

You’d think I owned the world instead of falling every day.

It hurts to think that I had loved a woman such as you

Only to have you turn away and prove what I once knew;

– – – – –

I’m destined to live life alone I’ll move on once again

For I’m too good at crushing feelings that have all but fled.

When strangest fires kindle ‘neath a hearth in broken glow–

There truly is no verity in seeds unwitting sowed.

– – – – –

Alas, though, I have wasted thoughts in ranks again today

For you’ll not read this, you’ll not care, you do not know my name

Is hid behind a cloak of meaning lost in words displayed

Telling you “I’ll weep for you” when you just turn away.

– – – – –

But one last effort I’ll admit gives place to my own fears

Listen to this heart that yearns to keep you closer here.

Ah, but silence is the only reply to my ears

And I will live in solitude; comforted by my tears.

– – – – –


Through History

If I had not fallen then I’d lift you up
If I were not broken then I’d give you love
If I could awaken what has all but died
Perhaps I’d remember and turn to the light

If you had not told me I was not enough
If you could have seen past the man that I was
If you were not taken to you I would fly
Perhaps you’d remember how hard I had tried

But these are the thoughts of all that could be
Lost in the moments of our histories
These are the dreams we know never can be
For these are the roads untainted and free

But still the mind wonders of all that could be
If roads never taken were open and free
No matter the choices whether wrong or right
Written and echoing through history.

Musings Past, Musings Sure

I’ll try to state this simple, clear
Try to pull away from fears
Try to help you see the scars
Try to reveal broken hearts

I’ll try once more to let you see
Try to rip these cords binding
Try to help you understand
That the souls of lesser men

Break upon the notion of the love they never shared
Traced upon the backs of those without who seldom dare
Revealing what was lost before to time’s harshest embrace
Endearing to those visible but lost without a trace.

See what musings on display reveal of hearts in need
Swept away as clouds and storms revel in past decrees
Heavy souls return again to those unbeaten strains
Forsaken places bent upon the glory of lost days.

Apologies yet in queue for thoughts masked once again
Unveiled within an intellect that spins webs of disdain
Concerning repercussions, honesty makes haste once more
Thoughtless moments grant a view to parts unseen before.

Thus musings of my mind concluded turn back to your gaze–
Seeking to discern the mind of him so unengaged
Perchance one day the mysteries so often held will yield
Giving place to passion tendered in a cloistered shell

But still as words long winded have escaped upon the page
The concept of their clarity remains a mystery.
So beg of scholars, ask the sage, demand an answer stored
Within the halls of histories and tenants of the void.

Unspoken thoughts will yet retain their firm provoking air
But mellowed by those still born passions fervently declared
Regardless as the closing of my cognition appears
Forgive the one who hides behind the words unwritten here.