Hello Again

Hello again my dear old friend

It’s been awhile since we first met.

And even longer since we’ve talked

You won’t blame me, but it’s my fault.

Ah, all the stories you must have heard

Ah, all the worries, the pain, the hurt.

All of what’s past is the sum of us now

Talk ever brash is what brings us down.

– – – – –

I won’t stay long… my welcome’s worn

Down by deeds of passion borne.

But of the future, if I may

Think of me in coming days

Not of how I will end up

But how I was… how I once loved.


Morn of Grace

For a moment all was lost

The heart who’d loved had all but tossed

Intention out into the void.

It’s murmurs lost within the noise

Of such chaotic atmosphere

The voice of hope no longer cheered

But rather offered what had passed

In mournful reflection relapse

Nostalgia had become the way;

Forgetting Providence’s reign.

And in that moment what had past

Became regrets that will yet last

For years and years and years to come

The fight now over- overcome.

Empathy and love undone

Engaged in turmoiled war of love

Stricken with dark pleasures bite

Embittered by all towards the light

Chasing down emotions fraught

With fruitless ends in treasures bought

Paying the price: integrity

Sacrificing self to please

The heart who had all but lost hope

Reaching out for ways to cope.

For, for a moment all was lost

The heart had given up the cost.

Until the light of truth shone through

The path of mercy ever proved

And in that glimmer came the thought

That all that’s past produces what

Will follow after; follow fast

After all that has long past.

All is not lost; all’s not gone

Life continues; not undone.

Pressing in but still endured,

Never breaking; ever sure.

Life eternal sheds it’s light

Strife temporal has no life

Beyond the grave; beyond the void

Beyond the face of endless noise.

Setting is the sun of shame

Rising is the morn of grace.

I Loved You

I tried to pretend that you didn’t

Mean a thing to me

I tried to focus on the motions

Of thinking I was free.

But then the moment came when I saw you once again

And the thoughts came rushing back again. The truth I hate to show.

I loved you. More than you’ll ever know.

I loved you. More than I’ll ever show.

I loved you. But still I will go.

I loved you. I loved you. I just thought you should know.

– – – – –


– – – – –

This post is dedicated to someone that will never read it… nor ever care. But I guess that’s life. So maybe you can relate, dear reader, maybe not. Every once in awhile I post something I truly don’t give a crap if anyone likes or not… this is one of those. So yeah– thanks for reading regardless.

~ Edward Landers


Let one who has never held back from facing fears and chasing dreams
Be the first to cast a stone on those dreams which are deemed unworthy.

For force of habit chases time, within the heart; within the mind,
Often lost as oversight gets trapped ‘tween passions intertwined;
Engaged in efforts to sustain expected actions, masquerades,
As well as all intrinsic claims that supersede extraneous aims.

Thus while gratuitous occupations oft reveal hearts true desires
Missing are cogent foundations compulsorily required.
And those caught up in contretemps over respected goals
will fade in onslaughts of secure but fatalistic souls.


I’ve wondered as I’ve wandered all over this barren land

If somehow I’ve missed the grandeur that before offered her hand.

I’ve wondered if the roads I’ve taken have all been for naught

And questioned if I should have taken roads that I did not.

I’ve travelled all around this place searching for something more

But now I wonder if it all was right in front of me before.

Did I but leave a trail of tears and heartache in my wake

Just to circumnavigate some place I wished escape?

Did I choose all the battles fought and wars already won

In efforts solely to detract from thoughts of being shunned?

Indeed, I’ve wondered as I’ve wandered all throughout this weary land

And sought for answers to the questions that my mind commands.

But even as these choices bring remembrance to what’s past

They hold no promise that their verity assuredly was cast.

For many are the paths of youth that lead to darkening ways

But were mine any better than those of such marked disdain?

Alas I’ve wondered and I’ve wandered but my soul will never rest–

Searching for these answers and a place to rest it’s head.

A Choice

This is the road I walk

Doing everything I can do

This is the path I run

Trying to get to you.

– – – – –

These are the choices I’ve made

Always following through

Searching for the brightest way

Leading me on to you

– – – – –

But now there’s a fork ahead

A direction I must choose

One to the right, one left

I don’t know which leads to you.

All the Same

I hope that you find happiness

I hope that you find peace

I hope you find love better than your wildest dreams.

– – – – –

I wish you all the best in life

I wish you favor’s light.

I wish you grace to find His strength to persevere through strife.

– – – – –

I wished for you the best life gives

Before I called your name…

And still, even though you curse mine, I wish it all the same.