Take Heart

Take heart oh fearful weary heart

Take heart and venture on

You’ll not much more have to endure

All that has gone before

Press on to the dreams of yesteryear

Press on to claim the crown

For all of life, and love, and loss

Cannot dampen the sound

Of one who took all life could give

And still along the way

Stood strong, stood tall, conquered the price to pay.

The Price We Pay

Should we forget all that was lost and all that those before have paid

For to gain what? This land was bought by price so high to pay.

Should all that once was true and just be held contemptuously plain?

And sold to silence; never brighten again the light of day?

Tell this soul who still holds fast to notions heretofore unnamed

Why all that once was true and just’s now cursed nefarious games?

How has all that we once held dear become the scorn upon our stage?

And why have brothers turned on brothers- what is there to gain?

We once alike all held together- this promised land to claim

But now as lies of cruelty disguised as freedom is to blame

We scream, we shout, we bribe, we lie… oh what a price we’ve paid.


I stand, or more accurately sit, rather hesitantly to share this post dear reader. Indeed I have mulled for quite some time over the sagacity of sharing work of this nature as it is less poetic, which heretofore has entertained almost the entirety of my proffered work, and more dare I say… art.

Nevertheless, as the nature of my blog has always been a means to an end- One of me sharing what otherwise would remain stolidly within the realm of my own imagination, I will venture to submit this next chapter of content for review.

* * * * * *

To those who are unaware- I write songs. Herein is one of which I am quite fond, and also indeed is quite personal. It’s a love letter to lost love— my try to say that twelve times in rapid succession, there are elements of autobiography, as well as those of fiction. It is portrayed so as to offer a place of comfort to those in similar situation. You are not alone in your sorrow or pain. I also offer it with a hint of caution- do not retain in your despondency but rather be up and doing. As The Preacher once said, there is “a time to weep, and a time to laugh.”

Lest words continue on much long-winded I will withdraw my pen. Enjoy the music above if you please and entertain the lyrics below.

Love as always, ~ E.L

* * * * * *


It’s been some time

since I last saw your face

Asked myself why

I let your love slip away

I know it’s not right

but I still think of you that way

And my regrets

are all that remains

Of yesterday

Life moves on

But I don’t know where to start

wish the pain was gone

But letting go is the hardest part

I’m doing better

At least that’s what I tell myself

But I’d give anything

For a chance to remain

In yesterday

Then I see something in a strangers eye

That reminds me you’re gone

That haunting melody plays on the radio

Always was your favorite song

I still remember how you’d call my name

Feel the warmth of your embrace

It’s been years but in my heart nothing’s changed

Cause I’m still missing you just like you left


There’s no promise

That tomorrow can’t break

But all my mistakes

Are still made today

Like the time spent with you

Precious moments never stay

But like a memory

They fade away

Into yesterday

What We Once Had

Were all the world to savor grace

While life itself were naught but claimed

Only to allow price for what

Was loved and lived for but still lost

We’d still be here; beyond the fight

Torn, broken still, but forever bright

We’ve lived beyond what most have sought

We’ve played the game; forever bought

A life that’s more than peasants thought

Could ever be lived; oh what a cost.

So take my hand or venture on

You’re nothing more than choices tossed

Into the sea; this eternal lot

Begrudge me not before you’re caught

Of all that we once had befraught

With what was never, never part

Of all we had… and all we lost.

Somebody to Die For…

I’ll be honest- I’ve got a love-hate relationship with the music of Sam Smith. But regardless of my hesitance of absolute acceptance of this particular artists work… (have you noticed how much I adore verbosity?) I will readily admit that this particular song both strikes a chord in my heart and echoes truths not often seek in today’s ‘here today, gone tomorrow’ lifestyle.

The premise: “I just want somebody to die for…” speaks of a soul lost in the need for someone other than themselves. It is the antithesis of the American “pull-yourself-up-by-the -bootstraps” ideal. It’s the spoken word of an individual desirous of something (someone) more than themselves to live (die) for. It’s the story of a love… or rather a ‘potential’ love, of someone willing to sacrifice everything for the object of their affection. It’s the story of something more than one’s self. And to embody that ideal is admirable. An ideal which I’ve found myself embroiled in bitter self-conflict many a time. Not that I am want to ‘die’ for someone of my affection… no, that I would readily do. But rather as the song declares in context, to have someone ‘worthy’ of dying for. Therein lies the mystery.

For Christ himself died for those who “were yet sinners”, while mankind is hesitant to grant love to anyone who has not proven their merit.

I both loath and detest this reality, while at the same time embrace its veracity: For, while I can not die for all as Christ— I can live for one whom I would “die for” as Smith has most eloquently declared.

Thus leaving me in the state of having no one to “die for” yet still wanting someone to prove themselves worthy of my sacrifice so I would be willing… what a predicament. What a time to be alive. What a life…

No poem today dear reader. But perhaps you know of someone I would “die for”? What a thought lol… Pray, provide an introduction to this lost and weary soul.

As always with much love… ~E.L

My Dear Old Friend

Hello again my dear old friend

Once again long since we’ve met

Alas though as this world spins on

What once we knew has long since gone.

– – – – –

I’ve thought of you through happenstance

And wondered of all we had left

Do thoughts of life and love once scorned

Still trouble you still as before?

– – – – –

Alone still? Yes. Ah yet are we

We’ve none to hold our hand through seas

Rough and terrifying played

Upon a grand, tumultuous stage.

– – – – –

But still we hope for what is lost

Upon the waves those same seas tossed.

Wish you were here to help me bare

This load and weight and heartless stare

– – – – –

Of all who’ve known what we’ve gone through

Yet still care not for what we knew.

It’s been awhile my dear old friend

Yes far too long since we first met…

Empty Smile

For some what once was held aloft

As all that life could offer was

Nothing more than pebbles tossed

Into the stream of poor man’s thoughts

– – – – –

You showed your hand, you played your cards

Naught to give save dead men’s hearts

What life exists that makes you more

Then any other life before?

– – – – –

Nothing for of what you crave

Is simply more of all the same

No dream, fire, unflinching desire

You’ve lived, ah yes. But what an empty smile.